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With advanced sleep technology recognized and acclaimed worldwide, the Zone8 Mattress company has helped the world catch quality sleep for many years now. Synonymous with comfort, each variant has been crafted by sleep experts with over 3 decades of expertise in the Indian Mattress Industry.

Crafted expertly at a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, Zone8 Mattress imbibe the most advanced sleep technology in India. The use of imported machinery and materials while manufacturing, has resulted in mattresses that have a durable, comfortable and reliable sleeping surface.


Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are common and popular type of mattresses available in the market today. They are primarily made of spring coils that form the core of their support structure and are generally fortified with a border wire which helps retain its shape. The upper layer of the mattress is separated by a tough a layer of wire netted together which prevents it from settling into the springs. The number of coils that may be present in the innerspring mattresses varies from 300-800 and largely depends on the size of the mattress. The relation between the thickness of the coil wire and the number of coils used is inversely proportional. However, the more coils, the more comfortable the mattress will be. There are different types of coils that can be used in innerspring mattresses. The technique used to connect the coils greatly affects the shape, comfort and durability of the mattress.

The list below gives a brief idea about these coils.

Pocket Coil: These are cylindrical spring coils that have pieces of fabric wrapped around each one of them individually. Each spring supports only the weight on it. Thus, every coil works independently and the weight does not get distributed. This type of coil used in an innerspring mattress is most ideal for people who toss and turn too much while sleeping, as this will not disturb their partners.

Open Coil/ Bonnell Coil: These coils are shaped like an hourglass and each coil is joined to the adjacent coil by a wire. These coils provide good support.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Also Known as Visco-Elastic Foam, Memory foams are capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations to a great extent due to its low resilience feature. In addition to this, the visco-elastic foam also responds to body temperature and warm, ambient temperatures, softening with heat and more easily adjusting to body contours. Due to these characteristics memory foam makes a comfortable yet supportive mattress or mattress pad.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam made from either natural latex or from Synthetic latex, provides excellent durability, pressure relief and support but with more resilience (bounce) than visco-elastics. It is a stronger and more durable product by the nature of its cell structure, be it synthetic or natural latex.


The Comfort Beyond Compare

A scientifically designed inner mesh unit enveloped by layers of cushioning and paddings is what gives Zone8 Mattress its unmatched comfort and quality. What’s more, we offer you a chance to customize the layers of cushioning you want on your mattress. The smooth and royal Damask and/or knitted fabric used in quilting and finishing luxuriously complements the parameters inside.

The Perfect Combination

At Zone8 Mattress, not only do we provide quality bedding options that meet international standards, we also offer you the freedom to choose mattress dimensions that are ideal for you and your family. All our mattresses are tested under the watchful eyes of a Cornell Mattress Tester, imported from Leggett & Platt, USA, a name trusted by experts around the world.


The efficient team at Zone8 Mattress is capable of producing and delivering mattresses of all sizes. The mattresses will leave the factory within 48 hours of order. The committed after-sales support staff ensures quick and efficient service.


Zone8 Mattress is the only manufacturer in Asia that puts its mattresses through intensive tests by simulating 2-15 years of Mattress use. This one of kind processes in India is called the “Accelerated Life Testing”. The mattress undergoes the following tests:

  • 1. Rollator test
  • 2. Cornell test

The above tests are conducted as per the procedure laid down in ASTM F-1566-14 The mattress Input material are all tested in the Zone8 Mattress Sleep Lab (in line with ASTM D3574-11 and IS 7888-1976 standards and procedures) for the following


  • • Compression
  • • Tensile Strength
  • • Indentation load deflection
  • • Stress Fatigue
  • • Densities
  • • GSM
  • • Fabric composition etc