How To Choose The Right Bed Sheet For Your Quality Sleep!

Sep Thu 17 2020

To sleep peacefully and uninterrupted is everyone's dream. No one wants to feel uncomfortable or uneasy while sleeping. A good night's sleep requires a perfect bed mattress and a comfortable bed sheet to put on it. 

There are mainly two kinds of bedsheets: the flat one and fitted one. The flat one is a rectangular sheet, while a fitted one has four elastic corners. Now we will look into how many types of bed sheets are available. 


Egyptian cotton bed sheets are known for its breathability, gentleness, quality and durability. This bedsheet is graded by thread-count. So, an Egyptian cotton bed sheet that has a higher thread count will be a refined and finished product. 


Cotton blend bed sheets are affordable and have low maintenance. These are wrinkle-resistant and are a combination of durability and softness. A 200 and 1000 thread count is ideal for a cotton blend bed sheet. 


Polyester bed sheets are non- allergic and stain-resistant; therefore, friendly material for kids. 


Bamboo rayon bed sheets are well known for its breathability, and they are easy to clean. If you have allergies or a skin that is sensitive, bamboo rayon bed sheets are ideal for you. Even though it is pricey, it's worth having one, given its qualities, this healthy bed sheet material provides a healthy and sound sleep. 


Affordable and breathable flannel bed sheets provide warm and healthy sleep throughout the night. Flannel sheets keep you warm as they absorb heat.One of the peculiarities of these sheets is they have an excellent finishing, which gives a super soft material that is best for the winters. 


Linen bed sheets are a classic summer material which keeps you dry and warm while it absorbs moisture. Lines sheets with thread count 200 are ideal for use. 


Microfiber is made with tightly woven slim polyester fiber threads. This bedding material is non- allergenic and warm promising a good sound sleep.

Choosing the right ones is always a big task. We all want the perfect and most comfortable bed sheets for our mattress. Before going to bed we ensure all kinds of things that provide us with good sound sleep, we will keep the AC temperature according to our comfort, close curtains, turn off lights, adjust the pillows. You do all kinds of things to make sure you sleep well. But still, there is one thing left. Yes, your bedsheets. Have you ever thought about the bedsheets you have put on your mattresses? have you ever imagined how those sheets will affect your sleeping hours. 

Nobody wants to waste their precious eight-hour sleep with tossing and turning. Sleep is a factor that affects both your mental and physical health. Periods of sleep contribute to your overall growth; it makes you feel refreshed and gives you peace. Choose your mattresses and sheets wisely because at the end of the day peace of mind is what matters!.                          

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Why Fiber Pillows Are The All Time Best Pillows!

Sep Thu 10 2020

Will it make you uncomfortable when you have to wake up in the middle of the night and adjust your pillow because it is not in the right position? 

Yes, definitely it will interrupt your sleep. Sleep is a thing that no person can compromise with. Everyone loves to sleep peacefully and uninterrupted. And with a good pair of bed pillows you could do it easily. 

What are fiber pillows? 

Fiber pillows are soft pillows filled with synthetic fills. They provide more support and they are softer and cool than memory foam pillows. These pillows are non – allergic and affordable. Fiber pillows are made by filling different kinds of synthetic fills, such as Gel fiber fill, synthetic cluster fiber, micro fiber and synthetic polyester fill. 

What are cotton pillows? 

Cotton pillows are much thicker and harder .Cotton pillows are made by filling cotton and are covered in cotton sateen which is both soft and long lasting. 

What is the difference between the two? 

Cotton pillows are fully natural and non- allergic, but as time passes by, cotton pillows tend to get hard and flat, making it hard for washing because they absorb moisture. This is because cotton tends to absorb more moisture. 

A fiber pillow on the other hand is mushy and soft and is hypoallergenic. Also, it is easier to wash and dry. People prefer fiber pillows because they are much more affordable than normal pillows. 

While we sleep our body keeps moving and our head changes into different positions. If our head is not rested correctly then it is likely to cause pain when we wake up. This becomes a problem when all we want is a nice peaceful sleep at the end of the day. And surely, a fiber pillow could offer you one. You want to know why? 

It is proven that fiber pillows are friendlier and long lasting. People prefer it not only because it is inexpensive but also because they are more soft, mushy and plush. They can be adjusted according to our comfort. Whether we love to sleep on our back, side or stomach, a fiber pillow will make it easier as the pillow will be flat and soft, helping our body to remain in a horizontal position while we sleep. This in turn makes you remain relaxed throughout the sleep. There will be no uncomfortable bending or turning of your neck. 

Fiber pillows come in different types. There are extra soft type pillows for stomach - sleepers, extra firm pillows which are ideal for side- sleepers and medium type pillows which can be used by both side- sleepers as well as back - sleepers. 

Sounds good, isn’t it? 

Don’t wait! Grab one today and enjoy the sleep of your dreams. 

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How A Fitted Bed Sheet Becomes Useful!

Aug Wed 26 2020

Hate seeing your bedsheet slide off the sides of your bed mattress all the time? The best way to tackle this problem and make your bed look tidy and perfect all day is by choosing a fitted bed sheet for your mattress. 

What is a fitted bed sheet? 

A fitted sheet also known as a bottom sheet or contour sheet is an elastic piece of material designed to match the correct size of your mattress. The elastic on each corner keeps the bed sheet in their right position causing the bed to look neat, perfect and without any tangles. The material is also such that it offers a smooth and soft sleeping surface. This is different from a flat bed sheet (Top sheet) which does not have any elastic to fit down over the edges of the sleeping cushion however rather have only a sewed crease around the edges to prevent the material from disentangling during use. 

Why a fitted bed sheet is a better option for you! 

One thing that can affect a good night's sleep is a rumpled bed. With fitted bed sheets, this is not at all a problem as the elastic on the sides is made for the sole purpose of keeping the bedsheet in its place. Bed Sheets are usually the most expensive bed outfits that you could buy for your bed. That’s exactly why it is important to choose the right one that’s comfortable and lasts long. When taken care of in the proper manner, a fitted bed sheet can last for almost 12 years. The only thing to consider while buying a fitted sheet is to make sure that it is of the right size. This process becomes easier if you correctly know your mattress dimensions, that is the length, width and thickness of your mattress. 

A fitted bed sheet offers better protection for your mattress as it protects the mattress from rips, tears and stains. This, in turn, enables them to act as a mattress protector themselves. Another advantage of this type of sheets is that it facilitates easy application and removal. A fitted sheet can be easily applied and removed as compared to flat sheets due to their versatile material. This saves up a lot of your time and energy especially when all you want to do is sleep after a hectic day at work! 

Want to know what the real catch is? Most fitted bed sheets can be laundered right at home. You just got to follow the right cleaning instructions to get that perfect, fresh bed linen that will add to the beauty of your bed. Know what this means? YES! No more extra outings to costly dry-cleaners for cleaning. Saves up a lot of money, isn’t it? Shop your favourite fitted bed linen right away! 

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How To Choose The Right Pillow For Yourself?

Aug Tue 18 2020

It takes a good team not just to make you sleep but to make you sleep right. And that super team at least consists of a good mattress and a good pillow. And most of us still do not realise the importance of a pillow in healthy sleep. But it is indeed a fact that a pillow is equally important as a mattress when it comes to supporting your body while you sleep. And not all pillows would do magic to you, therefore you have to choose the right one for yourself according to your needs and sleeping style. So let us discuss the two essential factors that help you choose the right pillow for yourself.

Sleeping Positions

Not everyone sleeps in the same position and therefore pillows too differ. Find out what is your sleeping position and then start hunting for the right pillow. People who sleep by their stomach need a different kind of support than people who sleep by their back. If you are someone who sleeps by their stomach, you are in need of a soft and flat pillow to support your neck and align it with the spine. If you are a back sleeper the kind of pillow you should be looking for is a medium thick pillow. It is because, when it is too thick your head gets pushed upwards and when it is too soft your head will tend to sink into the pillow. It needs to be thicker and firmer at the bottom. Sometimes it is difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep so you switch positions. In this case all you need to do is to get a best pillow with medium thickness for yourself. It also needs to be a little softer because it would help you while you switch positions. 

Pillow Filling 

The pillow filling is in connection with your health and therefore should be taken very seriously. People who have allergies struggle a lot while finding the right pillow because most of the time the wrong pillow filling makes house to many foreign allergens. For them, the remedy is to choose a cotton or a wool pillow as they can resist dust and mites. There are also pillows made from the sap of rubber trees called Latex pillows. Latex pillows are found to be mould resistant and are cooler and more resilient than other kinds of pillows because of the material they are filed with. They can make your head fit right into it with their elastic and resilient nature. When it comes to best support nothing can beat a memory foam pillow that gives the best support to neck, jaws and shoulders. A memory foam pillow is made of polyurethane and is long-lasting. Memory foam pillows with high density are best to avoid material breaking down. 

Think for yourself before you buy anything and when it comes to shopping sleeping accessories always think twice. Everything we need is available online and is just a click away and all you need to do is to choose the right kind of pillow considering your health conditions and your needs.  

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Why It Is Important To Have A Fiber Pillow At Home.

Jul Wed 29 2020

Sleep plays an important role when it comes to a person's well being. Having a pair of right comfortable pillows at home is a remedy for a good night's sleep. We all want our heads to be in an excellent comfy position to nod off. Well, that is what we look forward to while sleeping. But it so happens that we end up waking up in the morning with an aching neck and tiredness all over, no matter how many hours we spent sleeping. But by choosing the best neck pillows, you can avoid these problems, and have an excellent healthy sound sleep. What’s more great is that the best pillows suitable for you, are now easily available online! 

 Pillow types you should know about

Fiber pillows are pillows which are made by different types of synthetic fills such as Gel fiber pillows, Synthetic cluster fiber, Microfiber and Synthetic polyester fill. Well, you might be thinking about what are the differences between these fills. A gel fiber fill provides more support, and they are soft, plush and mushy. You will find gel fiber filled pillows easier to fold and mold according to your comfort and need. Also, the gel pads inside the pillows are lightweight, making it easier to wash and dry. The synthetic cluster fiber is said to be the smoothest among all. A synthetic cluster fiber pillow consists of thousands of cluster balls inside, and they are free to move inside the pillows, which makes it easy for you to rearrange the pillow according to your comfort. Microfiber pillows are very easy to clean and also affordable, which is why it is used most in the hospitality industry and mostly in households. These microfibers are made from polyester and nylon. Microfibers are very thin, thinner than a human hair. The synthetic polyester fills are less expensive and easy to wash. They provide exceptional support making it easy to rest our heads quite smoothly and softly.

Have you ever thought of how it would be like to wake up from sleep in the morning without feeling tired or not having neck pain ? 

 or think of how lovely it would be if your dreams are not interrupted while you are sleeping? 

 Yes, it would be amazing to wake up fresh and happy.

Sleepers and their types

Sleep is as important as exercise, eating and drinking. Lack of sleep is likely to cause severe health problems such as anxiety and depression, and also it will weaken our immune system. So it's always better to not risk sleeping hours. But to have healthy sleep, you must have a lovely pair of pillows. Fiber pillows are affordable, and also, they are non-allergic. These pillows are widely known for being cosy and warm and very supportive too. You need to decide which pillow is best for you considering factors such as durability. It is mandatory to look more than price because the quality is what matters at the end. Choosing a pillow that you like is an individual preference which fulfils your unique needs.

Some people differ in their sleeping positions. People who prefer to sleep on the side need a thicker and firmer pillow that supports your neck. The people who sleep on their back will want a pillow with a medium thickness. People who sleep on their stomach need a thin pillow. A good pair of pillows will not only eliminate both body and neck pain problems but also will help you get a good night's sleep. So, it is your responsibility to check if you have chosen the right ones. 

And by having a pair of Fiber pillows, you can undoubtedly say that you have selected the right ones. Now, you can peacefully sleep and remain in your cloud with the dream pillows by your side. So, buy one and enjoy a beautiful sound sleep that you deserve.

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These Reasons Will Tell You Why Memory Foam Pillows Are The Best.

Jul Fri 24 2020

Are you suffering from back pain, headaches or allergies? If you are, the remedy is right in front of you. You should definitely know the benefits of buying a memory foam pillow. 

Spinal Alignment 

Poor spinal alignment is the reason behind headache and back pain. This can be cured by sleeping on a memory foam pillow.

When you rest your head on the pillow the warmth and weight of the body allow the foam to get back the shape. This makes the pillow resist the heavier part and support the lighter part, distributing the weight evenly. This, in turn, helps you get a good sleep. 

Pressure points

When you are sleeping there is a high chance of your neck and the rest of the body falling into two different positions which are not good for your health. It increases pressure to your neck and shoulder, causing neck pain and back pain. Memory foam is specially designed in such a way so as to support your head and neck. It adjusts itself to low and high pressure which in turn provides uniform pressure to all areas.

Hygienic and hypoallergenic 

Some people are very allergic to dust particles and fungi. As it is made of synthetic material, Memory foam pillows prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

 Sleep Apnea 

Everyone loves a deep, sound sleep. This pleasure is impossible for people suffering from Sleep Apnea. Even after waking up from a long slumber people with Sleep Apnea feel tired and exhausted. Memory foam pillows with its pressure points help such people as there is a less possibility of turning and tossing. 

Durability and aesthetics 

Memory foam pillows have a uniquely attractive design. Their shape and ability to get back to the original shape after use is what makes them stand out. They are different from other traditional pillows which will get flat, because of continued use. Memory foam is as fresh and soft as feathers and has a higher lifetime than other pillows. 

So! What are you still thinking? It's high time you get a memory foam pillow and give yourself all the sleep that you deserve.

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Is Your Neck Getting The Rest It Deserves?

Jul Sun 19 2020

If you wake up from your sleep with a paining neck, that means your sleep wasn’t complete and not even comfortable. Because when you sleep your body needs support and the most support seeking part of your body is your neck. Taking your neck carelessly while you sleep is going to make you suffer for a chronic time. It would start from slight neck pain but will have the ability to last for a lifetime. So if there’s anything that can save you from this tragedy, then it is to get a good sound and supportive sleep. The easiest solution of all is getting yourself a neck pillow.

Your cervical spine is made of seven bones. These bones are comforted by spongy cervical disks and supported by muscles and tendons. The regular shape of this cervical spine is a gentle curve which we would call as the lordotic cervical curve. And when this natural position is lost or even disturbed, you are sure to get some serious stress on your spine and as a result, you would suffer from severe neck pain. The most obvious reason behind neck pain is the failure of maintaining proper neck position while sleeping. Sometimes bent and sometimes extended! 

How Neck Pillows change your sleep and thus life?

Neck pillows are specially designed for your neck and body in such a way that your sleeping position is left undisturbed while you are enjoying your good night sleep. The natural resting position needs to be maintained which means the lordotic curve is to be handled very gently and that is exactly what a neck pillow does. Among all types of neck pillows available in the market, the neck pillows made with pressure-relieving memory foam are simply the best. Even physicians and doctors would suggest neck pillows for your aching neck. You may either ask your doctor for a suggestion or you can simply go for a popular brand for choosing a neck pillow. 

How to choose the Perfect Neck Pillow for yourself? 

Personal comfort matters, because you are using it for yourself to reduce your neck pain. Therefore find a neck pillow that will comfort your sleeping position. Ideally, sleeping by the stomach is not a good idea as it is not good for maintaining a natural position. Find a neck pillow that would support your neck without tilting it backwards or forward. It should also keep your nose in line with your body while you sleep by your back. Consider buying a smooth neck pillow. 

For side sleepers, the neck pillow you choose should be higher under your neck than your head. It should be firm enough to not to sink in your head and thick enough to hold your head up. And for those who seek comfort while sleeping in a flight or while on a road trip, consider buying a horseshoe-shaped pillow. 

This is how a natural sleeping position along with a supporting neck pillow can save your neck very smartly. If you are planning to buy a neck support pillow remember your sleeping position and find an appropriate one always.

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Are You A Sleepaholic? No Other Better Option Than Memory Foam Pillows !!

Jul Mon 13 2020

Are you a sleepaholic? Do you love to sleep a lot? 

Then you have got to know this. If sleeping is your favourite thing to do, memory foam pillows are the right option for you. 

After a hectic day at work, all that we look forward to is a night of uninterrupted, happy sleep. A night of good sleep is the secret key to a happy and healthy day. It often happens that even if the bed is cosy and comfortable we end up having a rough sleep. A healthy slumber requires good pillows and by good pillows, we mean memory foam. Popularly known as ‘slow spring back foam’, these pillows are made by filling gas into a polymer matrix. Memory foam encompasses a large amount of polyurethane which increases its density and viscoelasticity. They have the longest lifetime than any other pillows. They are safe and non-toxic as they prevent the growth of bacteria, dust particles and fungus providing extra comfort and protection to the users. 

Memory foam pillows come with a number of health benefits. They are a great option for those who are struggling from back and neck pain. A memory foam pillow adjusts to your neck and head better than any other pillow because of the heat reactive cushioning insulator. When the pressure is applied along with the heat, the foam reshapes itself to conform to the object. It not only carries your whole neck weight but also distributes it evenly, thus relieving pressure. Because of the material, they naturally return to softness after use. It is wide and encompassing range gives you enough freedom to move your head. Also, for those with allergies and asthma memory foam pillows are the best option as they are resistant to dust mites.

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How Does a Mattress Protector Benefit You And Your Mattress?

Jun Sat 27 2020

Hygiene has become a crucial factor in our lives right now. You need to keep yourself healthy and need to keep your surroundings healthy. Health starts from your bed, say the experts. That is why mattress protectors are essential in our everyday life. And it sure adds some aesthetic benefits to your bedroom too! 

Ways in which a mattress protector keeps you healthy. 

A mattress protector protects your mattress from dust. 

You might be wondering what might be causing your dust allergy. At the same time, you were extremely careful about cleaning your immediate environment. The problem might be on your mattress, the dust. On prolonged usage, any mattress would accumulate dust on it. To provide your mattress with protection from dust, you will require a mattress protector over it. The fabric technology used in a mattress protector is what makes it difficult for the dust to penetrate to your mattress. 

A mattress protector protects your mattress from the mold and mildew. 

The two reasons behind mold building up on your mattress are accidental spills and sweat. If you are someone who sweats excessively then, the sweat is sure to drip into your mattress as well if you do not have a mattress protector. If you are someone who loves to watch your favorite movies lying on your bed, you can’t avoid accidental spilling of drinks or snacks on your bed. These only affect your bed if you don’t have a mattress protector. Instead, if you keep your bed protected with a mattress protector, it soaks up the spill and the sweat. A mattress protector keeps stains away from touching your precious mattress. 

A mattress protector keeps your bed looking new forever. 

Your mattress might get old and untidy after prolonged use, and you will find it very hard to keep it at least clean, this is when the mattress protector comes to the rescue. With a mattress protector, you can not only keep your mattress clean but also make it feel like you just bought it!

A mattress protector makes cleaning up easier. 

Cleaning your mattress may not be an impossible task but cleaning it alone sure is. A mattress protector can mitigate that struggle by not letting any dirt or stain enter into your mattress. The sweat, dust and the stains will get collected over the waterproof membrane so that you can clean and dry the protector and put it over the mattress again. Remember, you will still have to clean your mattress occasionally. 

 A mattress protector will retain the warranty of the mattress. 

Many brands offering warranty for mattresses may not agree for repairing or replacing stained mattresses during the warranty period. Your mattress warranty gets nullified even if it needs genuine repair but is stained. So to keep your mattress warranty worth it, keep your mattress away from dust and stains using a mattress protector. 

If you are someone who takes aesthetics and hygiene seriously, all you need is a mattress protector to keep your bedrooms beautiful and healthy. Sometimes, a regular mattress protector won’t be enough. Still, you’ll need a waterproof high-quality mattress protector to have extra protection for your mattress. So before you decide to buy a mattress protector, consider your needs and living environment to pick a suitable one.

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Why Customers Love Latex Mattresses

Jun Thu 25 2020

Latex is well known for Being Comfortable. Its durability and comfort make latex one of the most popular one. 

Why should you prefer Latex Mattresses? 

Pain Reduction and Prevention 

Best latex mattress offers unique pressure point relief attributed to its natural buoyancy and resilience. Because of this, the mattresses can prevent or reduce pain. Unlike other mattresses, latex mattresses can bounce back, from the body impressions the moment you move. This flexibility helps to ease lower back pain, create better spinal alignment, and exceptional full-body support. 


You need to choose the right mattress for a good and easy sleep. Healthy sleep is what brightens the day. Latex mattresses have different levels of firmness, and it ranges from extra soft and soft to firm and extra firm. Latex mattresses offer a choice of comfort levels, which provides you with the ability to customize the sleep surface. 


Unlike other foam mattresses, latex mattresses tend to last several years, because of its natural resilience which allows the foam to return to its original shape after compression instantly. While sleeping for a long time, there are body impressions that occur on the foam, because of the repeated stimulating, which ensures longevity to the mattresses.


The latex mattress core is Oeko-Tex Class certified. This certification ensures that every latex product is clean and safe from any allergic and harmful substances. Not every mattress producer gets this type of certification, which ensures high quality. 

Breathable Nature

Latex mattress ensures a breathable design and cell structure that creates a temperature of the neutral environment. Unlike other foams, latex mattresses deliver 228 per cent more airflow for a comfortable sleep. 

Hypoallergenic Moulded Latex mattresses are mild and dust resistant which makes them antibacterial and antifungal. These mattresses are ideal for people with allergies and asthma. 

 Environmental Friendly 

Latex mattresses are products that come from biodegradable ingredients, renewable resources and raw materials. 


A 'New bed smell' may be present when the latex first arrives, but no harmful chemicals are released. 

Make Latex mattress your first and favourite choice 

Thus a latex mattress is undoubtedly the best and most comfortable one. It is created using excellent materials which provide longevity, support and temperature.

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Our Ortho Memory Foam Mattress Has Got Your Back!

Jun Fri 12 2020

Do you find it hard to sleep by your back? Do you find it hard to fall into a comfortable sleeping position? Then all you need to do is get the best memory foam mattress to get your back. It is the best online mattress that is going to give you the care your spine longs for. An Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress is going to be your best sleeping partner ever! 

It is easy to purchase any memory foam mattress and any orthopaedic mattress separate. They are found in the market as separate mattress types. But, an orthopaedic memory foam mattress is always the best choice and is of double strength and quality. Before we get into the details of orthopaedic memory foam mattresses alone, let us discuss them as two separate mattress types in detail. Once you know the details, you’ll be able to decide which is the best online mattress you need. 

What exactly is a Memory Foam Mattress? 

Let us get to know the technical side of a memory foam mattress first. The memory foam was known as the ‘slow spring back foam’ in the beginning. The incomparable comfort of a best memory foam mattress comes from the fact that it uses viscoelastic materials used in it. Visco elastic is a man made substance and responds to body temperature and weight. It was first developed by NASA in the 1970's to improve safety of aircraft cushions. Later the material got introduced to the medical field as wheelchair seat cushions and hospital bed pillows. 

The material had excellent pressure relieving quality, it was found to be durable and comfortable .The material then got introduced to the mattress manufacturing industry. The mattress initially had a few complaints like the temperature, but it is now one of the coziest kinds of mattress. The mattress now uses a better supporting foam and also carries the latest technology for keeping the temperature in control. 

 Why use an Orthopaedic mattress? 

An orthopaedic mattress is the one mattress that can give the best relief for your spine along with the perfect good night sleep. Spinal alignment issues and joint problems will demand an orthopaedic mattress along with the medications. And that is when an orthopaedic mattress will help you. Since it is the mattress that cares, you can choose to sleep on it as part of precaution. It is healthy anyway! 

 Orthopaedic - Memory Foam Mattress- The perfect combination 

It is simply an orthopaedic mattress that is made of viscoelastic foam. Comfort and quality are served equally in this right combination. But always put your needs first if you have to choose between an actual orthopaedic mattress and a memory foam mattress. 

 Here are a few of the benefits of an orthopaedic memory foam mattress. 

An orthopaedic memory foam mattress provides the optimal support and the right comfort as it contours your body shape.

Your bodyweight gets evenly distributed on this mattress to prevent pressure on heavier body parts and helps you to be free from body aches and pain. 

Your bodyweight gets evenly distributed on this mattress to prevent pressure on heavier body parts and helps you to be free from body aches and pain. 

Not every mattress serves every sleep position. But a memory foam mattress is adaptable to all types of sleep positions. 

The durability of the orthopaedic memory foam mattress entirely relies on the quality of the memory foam used as the core. The only problem that can affect is the accumulation of the dust mites over the mattress. Since it doesn’t enter the mattress and its core and stays over the surface, you can at least use it for 10 years. 

A memory foam mattress is denser than all types of mattresses in the market. A plush surface and the medium firm is the most comforting feature of a memory foam mattress. The latest memory foam mattresses also keep the right temperature for you to sleep. The exclusive properties made it expensive in the beginning but are now available at affordable prices with the increasing demand. This mattress can be your dream mattress if you are looking for a mattress online that can keep you healthy in your sleeping zone.

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Know The Difference: Pocket Spring Mattress V/S Bonnell Spring Mattress

Jun Wed 10 2020

If you are looking for a mattress that helps you to unlock the best level of comfortable sleep, all you need is a spring mattress. The comfort and quality of a spring mattress is unbeatable. Surprisingly it fits your budget too. And it is a known fact that a spring mattress tops everyone’s list, but which type of spring mattress you would need is a big question. Because even though they are all made of spring coil core, they do differ in certain features. And therefore we have a Bonnell spring mattress and a pocketed spring mattress. 

Now let’s discuss how they are different from each other despite the fact that they are both spring mattresses.

What are the differences between a Bonnell Spring mattress and a Pocketed Spring Mattress? 

Let’s start with the shape of the springs that build up the core of a bonnell and pocketed spring mattress. The core of a Bonnell spring mattress consists of hour hourglass shaped spring coils and is kept adjacent to each other. These connected metal coil mattresses are also called open coil mattresses. Compared to other types of spring mattresses, Bonnell spring mattresses are supportive and are much relaxed. And it provides enough space for movement; however the movement ends up in wear and tear very gradually. 

The core of pocketed spring mattresses is cylindrical shaped coils and every coil of a pocketed spring mattress works individually. Each spring is encased in individual soft cotton pockets. A pocketed spring mattress will be an ideal mattress for those who toss around on a mattress while sleeping. These pocketed spring mattresses can be categorized as springy and cozy. These also give better support and provide support to all body types. So people with different body weights can find their comfort here. 

After briefly knowing about a Bonnell spring mattress and a pocketed spring mattress, you might want to know how they are different from each other. Which one should you opt among the two of these spring mattresses? 

Making of a Bonnell Spring Mattress 

The comfort level is the same for anyone who sleeps on a spring mattress as it is usually of medium firmness. A medium-firm mattress is ideal for back side sleepers, as it helps them prevent back pain and even cures back pain to some extent. A spring mattress essentially returns the pressure that you apply on it. Since different parts of the body are different in weight, these mattresses can act as excellent shock absorbers. So spring mattresses are any day an excellent choice over foam mattresses, although a layer of foam over your spring mattress can give you an extra comfortable sleep. Making of a Pocketed Spring Mattress The making of a pocketed spring mattress is just the opposite of that of a Bonnell spring mattress. Here the individual coils are on their own and will not get affected by the movement of other coils. This is called zero disturbance technology. This can also be the reason why a pocketed spring mattress is more expensive in the market than a Bonnell spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress will support various body curves but a Bonnell spring mattress may not do that. This happens because in a Bonnell spring mattress the spring moves together and for a pocketed spring mattress each coil moves individually. 

In a Bonnell spring mattress if your partner makes any slight movement while sitting on the mattress you will feel the movement on the other end because all these springs are connected. But in case of pocketed springs, each spring is placed in individual cotton cases, so that they are independent. You will not get disturbed by any movement of your mattress unless it is on your own side. A pocketed spring mattress prevents motion and movement, throughout the mattress. It is the Zero partner disturbance mattress which everyone prefers now. 

Pocketed spring mattress gives better support to your body as the individual spring cases will support the pressure points of a heavier body. They are found to be slightly softer than a Bonnell spring mattress when it comes to giving comfort. 

Also in a pocket spring mattress, every spring coil is packed separately so that there is proper and sufficient air circulation that helps to maintain a good bed temperature. While in a Bonnell spring mattress since every spring is interconnected, this type of air circulation is not possible. 

Both Bonnell Spring mattress and Pocketed Spring mattress have their cons and pros even though they both are made of the same type of core, the springs. So read for yourself before you make a decision. People who prefer firmer and supporting mattresses can go for Bonnell spring mattresses but those who love to have zero disturbance and peace must go for a pocketed spring mattress. Put your preference first before you start searching for your perfect sleeping partner.

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Why is it The Time to Switch to Spring Mattresses?

Apr Wed 15 2020

After all that work every day, everyone’s starving for that sleep and would want to just dive into the bed and fall right into a perfect soft sleep. What’s better than a spring mattress for you? Before we find out why a spring mattress is better, one must know what a spring mattress is. Let us discuss what a spring mattress exactly is and what it is made of.

For any mattress, the core matters the most, and for a spring mattress, the core is made up of springs. The springs comfort you with its resilience and add a bouncy feeling when you sit on the bed. So if you are someone looking for a comforting, bouncy mattress, you need to get a spring mattress. 

Spring mattresses stand apart mostly because of its bouncy, resilient and cozy nature, which are in high demand these days. This consistent demand and need for mattresses with spring coils have made brands to sell them in the market at much lower prices. So for every buyer, a spring mattress is anyway profitable and perfect for many nights of good night sleep. 

 What’s extra in Spring Mattress? 

Even though different types of mattresses like latex and foam mattress exist in the industry, spring mattresses still remain the queen. Let’s discuss the x-factor that makes all the spring mattresses more special. 

The spring coils in these mattresses prevent all types of wear and tear, making the mattresses last longer. Since the coils are placed individually, they lead to better circulation of air. These spring coils will also prevent heat from accumulating within the mattress, thus keeping it cool and helping for better and blissful sleep. The springy core makes the bed bouncier and most customers drool over this bouncy feel of the spring mattress. The ability of spring coils to hold and distribute any amounts of weight makes it ideal for people with different body masses. 

 How is this special mattress made?

The comfort level is the same for anyone who sleeps on a spring mattress as it is usually of medium firmness. A medium-firm mattress is ideal for back side sleepers, as it helps them prevent back pain and even cures back pain to some extent. Best spring mattress essentially returns the pressure that you apply on it. Since different parts of the body are different in weight, these mattresses can act as excellent shock absorbers. So spring mattresses are any day an excellent choice over foam mattresses, although a layer of foam over your spring mattress can give you an extra comfortable sleep.

If you are concerned about what you sleep on, then it’s high time you find the right one for yourself. Start from the basics and keep in mind your needs when you buy a mattress online. Take note of the material used in the outer covers of your mattress, as they greatly influence your level of comfort. At the end of the day, the core of the mattress and the outer fabric need to be of optimum quality for you to get that much needed restful sleep.

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Should I Buy My Bed Online?

Apr Fri 10 2020

Yes, you should! You are here either because you are looking for a right mattress or looking for a better mattress than the one you already have. In both cases, the factors that decide the best mattress are the same. The best mattress is about Comfort, User-friendliness and the Price.

The comfort and durability depend upon the excellent quality mattress brand you choose and trust within. The only difference an online purchase of a mattress can make is in the price. And that is why audiences have now switched to online shopping in almost all of the products. This is primarily in the case of mattresses and sleeping accessories. And this has become a significant relief for every value-conscious buyer.

Buying a bed online will give you a considerable amount of deduction in price than buying it from showrooms or shops. The reason behind this particular price is because there are no middlemen while you buy bed online. The middlemen are namely the retailers and wholesalers. That is when you buy a mattress online, you are directly purchasing it from the manufacturing unit or the factory. This brings cost savings making the mattress affordable and fits your budget. 

Buying mattresses online gives you a few advantages. Among which the trial period is an essential deciding factor. A few weeks trial is sure to provide you with a better impression than a 10 minutes test drive in a store, regardless of the brand. Online purchase on a mattress will give an exciting trial period which will be anyways longer than those mattresses you buy from any brand showroom. 

You spend one-third of your lives in these mattresses, therefore, it’s an important decision to buy a mattress. In an online purchase with generous trial packages, you return if the one you purchased isn’t fitting you the way you expect it to be.

The next deciding factor is the ease of buying an online mattress purchase over a showroom purchase. Online shopping will bring in front of you several types of mattress options and will give you the right kind of information which you can rely upon to make your choice. Go through the details correctly and choose the right type of mattress for your need with the right size and the custom cushioning and place the order peacefully. Spring mattresses, latex mattresses and foam mattresses are such popular ones. 

During online purchase, you can always get to know the comparisons between the quality, the price discounts and sleeping choices. You can also check for reviews online regarding the purchase, the delivery and price. This will help you to choose that mattress which will give you the best quality mattress for the amount you pay online. You can take your time and go through all the reviews if you want and make a choice. 

One more plus to this mod of purchasing a mattress or anything online is that; you don’t have to meet sales personnel at the showroom. Because here you are the decision-maker from the beginning until you choose a perfect mattress for yourself. You can avoid a purchase under a pressure situation. This will help you to buy a mattress according to your requirement rather than choosing a mattress just because someone persuades to purchase extra. 

 Hope you have already concluded that online purchase is way much better than a showroom purchase. To summarize, the price, the user experience and self-satisfaction is what matters for every purchase. And an online mattress purchase guarantees all of these.

During online purchase, you can always get to know the comparisons between the quality, the price discounts and sleeping choices. You can also check for reviews online regarding the purchase, the delivery and price. This will help you to choose that mattress which will give you the best quality mattress for the amount you pay online. You can take your time and go through all the reviews if you want and make a choice.

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How to Pick The Best Couple Mattress?

Mar Tue 31 2020

Selecting a mattress that’s ‘Just Right’ for your partner and you can be a tricky affair – especially if both of you have different sleeping patterns. We also understand that every couple is unique and there cannot be ‘One perfect mattress’ that works for all. But, don’t worry! Here’s our checklist for you – the list of things you should bear in mind while selecting a mattress that’s ideal for couples as unique as you. 


Needless to say, when two people share a bed, size definitely matters! The roomier the mattress the more comfortable it is bound to be. We recommend Queen size mattresses as an ideal option for couples who need enough space to toss and turn. Of course, you can also go for a King size mattress if your bedroom is spacious enough. Either way, be sure to refer to the mattress size charts provided online before purchasing to ensure that the preferred mattress size is neither too small for you nor too big for your bedroom. 

 Motion Isolation 

While it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples, checking motion isolation capacities of various mattress options is the key. Two people who have different body mass or sleeping patterns might find it very difficult to find some undisturbed, quality sleep together if their mattresses don’t absorb their position changes through the night. Pocketed spring mattresses are the most highly recommended option for this. The individual spring pockets are designed and placed to absorb all body movements made by one partner and not transfer them to the other. Another option is to find mattresses that offer adjustable firmness. You can find many brands online that offer different mattress firmness on both sides. And finally, if you are not too fond of bounciness, memory foam mattresses are also a very good option.


It is the firmness of the mattress that often determines its comfort quotient. And that makes it important for couples to decide what level of firmness works best for both while keeping in mind their body types and preferred sleeping positions. Today we have mattresses that offer a hard, medium, soft and ultra-soft feel. Most people prefer a soft feel mattress but settle for a medium feel owing to price differences. If that’s the case, we would highly recommend getting yourself a premium, soft-to-touch mattress topper that can give you your preferred comfort without having to burn a hole in the pocket. And for those who can afford it, remember that purchasing a good quality soft and comfortable mattress is an investment just as important as any in your life.


While a heavily priced mattress does not always guarantee premium quality, it is important to remember that going for the cheapest option in the market is also not advisable. Hence couples need to understand the product details like the dimensions, materials, make and design before making the purchase. There are a number of mattress brands in the market that offer the best quality product in each material category at very low prices. Spending time on online research is all it takes to clinch the best price without compromising on quality. 

 Warranty, Return and Refund 

With more and more mattress brands entering the online market space, people today have access to quality mattresses from across the country – whether they are delivered roll-packed or boxed. As brands compete to make mattress purchase and delivery as hassle-free as possible, one must remember to check for the best warranty and return policies that are being offered. Buying a mattress is an investment and being able to do it online is a game-changer. To be rest assured of your mattress choice, it is highly recommended to go for brands that offer that longest warranty period and the most effortless refund and return options.

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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Cozy Retreat for You and Your Loved Ones?

Mar Sat 28 2020

Room darkening blinds ensure that the daylight does not enter the room as you prepare to take a nap. At other times they can be conveniently drawn to fill the room with sunlight. 

Paint your bedroom to get in the mood for sleep. Opt for light pastel colors that will make you feel calm, peaceful and relaxed and sleep feels like the logical next step. 

Keep your bedroom climatized. If you’re feeling hot, go for some warm extra pair of fluffy blankets and quilts. If it’s hot, look for cotton sheets that help you keep cool. 

Surround yourself with fragrance you like, scents like lavender can soothe your senses, improve your mood and help you relax for bed. 

Doctors recommend king size mattresses for a night of uninterrupted sleep. If your bedroom has space and the budget allows, a king-size mattress is perfect, especially for the couples. But if you have smaller family and room dimensions then a queen size mattress would be your ideal choice. 

Apart from choosing the right dimensions of the bed, depending on your room size and other considerations, the most important factor is, choosing the best mattress. Zone8 Mattress, an ultimate sleep solution brand, bringing high quality and innovative sleep products that provide a perfect makeover to your sanctuary, the touch of style to your bedroom that only looks expensive. It is also the best mattress online with superior sleep quality and assures to provide one of the most beautiful experiences in this world all day, all night and makes your bedroom an ultimate sleep cave, and all that without breaking your bank.

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How to Turn Your Bedroom "Sleep Friendly"?

Mar Wed 18 2020

You definitely don’t need us to tell how important it is to catch 8 hours of uninterrupted Z’s, but for most of us, it’s harder than it looks to even squeeze in a nap. Though we always try looking into how medical and behavioural issues affect our sleep, but not at the sleep environment in such depth, sleep issues are more often triggered by the sleeping space. All of your sleep can be thrown off with something as simple as an uncomfortable mattress, or your partner’s nasal trumpeting or even a wrong choice of curtains and shades on windows. Results from a recent survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggest that people sleep much better when their bedrooms are comfortable and clean. Something as simple as making your bed can enhance your sleep too! Wherein, Innovative designs and mattress technologies are making tremendous impacts and changing how we sleep for the better and fall asleep faster. The research suggested people with the best mattress on, like orthopedic mattress, Pocketed spring mattress, and memory foam mattress, fresh bed sheets, comfortable pillows, sleep longer hours and wake up feeling better. 

You definitely don’t need us to tell how important it is to catch 8 hours of uninterrupted Z’s, but for most of us, it’s harder than it looks to even squeeze in a nap. Though we always try looking into how medical and behavioural issues affect our sleep, but not at the sleep environment in such depth, sleep issues are more often triggered by the sleeping space. All of your sleep can be thrown off with something as simple as an uncomfortable mattress, or your partner’s nasal trumpeting or even a wrong choice of curtains and shades on windows. Results from a recent survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggest that people sleep much better when their bedrooms are comfortable and clean. Something as simple as making your bed can enhance your sleep too! Wherein, Innovative designs and mattress technologies are making tremendous impacts and changing how we sleep for the better and fall asleep faster. The research suggested people with the best mattress for back pain, like orthopedic mattress, Pocketed spring mattress, and memory foam mattress, fresh bed sheets, comfortable pillows, sleep longer hours and wake up feeling better.

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Buy The Best Mattresses in Banglore Online at The Zone8 Mattress

Mar Wed 04 2020

Are you in Bangalore, looking for the best mattress online or mattress near you in retail outlets? Not ready to waste a precious weekend of yours in the traffic woes and dust-ridden streets to track down the ideal mattress in Bangalore? The much-touted silicon city of India is a hub for many IT professionals and engineers. As most working professional’s sleep-goals is to get an average of 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted eye-shut, in order to be at their best during the day, Bangaloreans are in constant search to make some smart purchases like quality beds, fluffy pillows, best mattresses, mattress protectors, and other sleep products and on the run creating an ideal sleep environment, for a good night’s rest, after a hectic day at work and forever-taking commutes. 

A day in Bangalore will give you a better picture of how difficult it is to find the right place to buy mattresses. Despite being one of the most progressive cities in India, Bangalore can be highly exhausting for a mattress-shopping-scene, it’s expectedly difficult to run around getting the right mattress picked. While Bangalore has a lot of Mattress stores in different locations like Koramangala, BTM Layout and Shivaji Nagar, the real hassle is to zero-in the right mattress out of the limited options available in the mattress showroom. On the other hand, choosing an online mattress is a great alternative as it gives a myriad of options in the mattress varieties like memory foam mattresses, Foam mattress, orthopaedic mattress, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, coir mattresses, and a range of sizes starting from single beds, queen size mattress, king size mattresses, etc. The amazing part is the mattress is delivered effortlessly to your doorstep just like a dream. A recent study also suggested that people who purchased their mattress online were generally much more satisfied with the purchase than the retail showrooms. Given the young, cosmopolitan and tech-savvy crowd, Bangaloreans are better educated before they buy a mattress online or in the store, by doing a thorough research about the most advanced technologies, price comparisons, customer reviews to finally decide the mattress based on their personal preferences or requirements, body type, mattress materials, firmness and the price willing to spend.

If you’re looking for the best online mattress brand, then search no further! Zone8 Mattress is one of the leading mattress brands, with a sleep technology recognized and acclaimed worldwide, providing excellent body support, comfort, and a range of specifications expertly crafted in a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore. Zone8 Mattress routinely comes out on top in quality comparisons with other mattress brands with incredibly high mark-up prices. Zone8 Mattress provides an excellent platform to get all your sleep issues taken care of, with our live chat features and assistance from our sleep specialists, to help you choose the right mattress with a durable, comfortable and reliable sleeping surface.

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