4 Tips to Augment Your Immunity Just by Sleeping

May Thu 20 2021

4 Tips to Augment Your Immunity Just by Sleeping As the world enters yet another phase of the Coronavirus outbreak, the importance of a stronger immune defence is underlined once again. The new COVID-19 viruses appear to be more infective and lethal than earlier. Although we have several vaccines to protect us, we must adopt healthy habits that strengthen immunity for enhanced protection against the onslaught of the second wave. Prolonged sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on the general metabolism and may cause insulin resistance, hypertension, and weight gain. The total of all these ill-effects is the depletion of innate and adaptive immunity and an increased vulnerability to catching infections. Sound sleep enhances the efficiency of immune cells to fight the invading bacteria and viruses, as confirmed by medical research. Here are some useful tips for you to boost immunity just by sleeping well. 

Adopt a good sleeping habit 

We are used to hitting the bed only when we feel sleepy or tired. Thanks to the online entertainment channels and social media, the millennial generation stays awake till late in the morning. Our body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep. Unless we cultivate the habit of sleeping early and rising early, we may not be doing justice to our defence system. Most of the repair and renewal functions of our body get stimulated during the time we sleep. Lack of sleep will hamper these functions and affect our immunity. 

Getting an undisturbed sleep is vital 

If you have a habit of frequently getting up at night, then it will affect the quality of sleep. Sometimes, it is difficult to doze off after because of such disturbances. Urge to visit the bathroom is one of the commonest causes of sleep disturbance. This may be because of the excessive intake of fluids. You can improve your sleep quality by restricting water intake at least two hours before you go to bed. Some beverages and drinks such as tea or alcohol act as diuretics. It is better to avoid these before going to sleep. 

Create a peaceful surrounding 

Make sure that the environment in your bedroom is peaceful and soothing. Prolonged exposure to screen can be harmful not only for your eyes but also for your slumber. Switch off your social media presence at least an hour before you are going to sleep. Make sure that the room is quiet and if there are any uncontrollable sources of noise such as traffic sounds, the hum of an air conditioner or a refrigerator then try using earplugs to get rid of these disturbances. Consider using dark curtains to create a dark and calming environment. 

Be active throughout the day 

Be as active as possible throughout the day by including workouts and long walks in your routine. If you are habituated to an afternoon because of the extended periods of lockdown, then get rid of the habit as soon as possible. Afternoon naps have a detrimental effect on your sleep. You can replace your afternoon naps with any activity that is not physically demanding, such as reading books. 


 Several sleep-disturbing factors may not be within your reach including the challenges of lockdown restrictions, family matters, and depressing events. These are certainly going to harm your sleep. However, attempting to sleep by adopting these tips will boost your quality of sleep and immunity.   


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