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Zone8 Mattress- Truly Meets Expectations

This was the first time I purchased a mattress online and I am happy with the whole experience. True to their claims, the orthopedic foam mattress that I got did help me with my back pain. Good quality and comfort. The price is also very good when you compare it with other mattresses of this kind that are available today.

Keshav Mohan

19 February 2020

Definitely the Best Price!

I did a lot of research online while buying a mattress and came across so many different brands too. I even went to the shops in my city and covered a good many over a couple of days. And I have to admit that nowhere did I find a mattress of this good quality at such good prices. Most of the other foam mattresses are at least twice the price being offered at Zone8 Mattress. And the bed is so comfortable to sleep in. The team also has a very good delivery system with prompt follow-ups. Excellent product, excellent service.

Nilofer Saleem

23 February 2020

Very Good Product

My wife and I got this mattress from Zone8 Mattress over 8 months ago and we are extremely satisfied with it. Not only is it comfortable and cozy, so far we can see no signs of tear, fading or sagging and stiffness. And considering the cost of it, it is surprising how perfectly it has been designed, and was packaged and shipped. Most of the other brands I know are priced at least 5k to 8k more than this. We are very happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a memory foam mattress.

Amod Neelakantan

24 February 2020

Good Product

Very good mattress. It was even packaged efficiently. The delivery guys gave me a little trouble while trying to locate the apartment, but I really have no other complaints here. Having used it for 3 weeks now, I would say it is a very comfortable mattress and looks like its made of long lasting, strong materials. Great work team!

Chinthana Radia

1 March 2020

Mattresses are Superb!

The memory foam mattress that I purchased online from Zone8 Mattress arrived my home 2 months ago and I got a call from their team today following up on my experience. So I will tell you as I told them, the mattresses are simply beautiful and comfortable without doubt. I have no complaints whatsoever. And the team has been providing excellent service right from the start with the delivery and packaging. Please keep up the good work and will definitely recommend Zone8 Mattress to my circle.

Bobby P Mathew

3 March 2020

Happy Experience with Memory Foam mattresses

I am really satisfied with the memory foam mattress that I got from online at Zone8 Mattress. It is soft and comfortable and I am getting very good sleep. Only worry is if the soft foam will last for so long as they say. Package and delivery was done very neatly. Overall happy experience.

Poushali Alva

8 March 2020

Wonderful Sleep At Last!

I had been using my previous bed for more than 10 years and needless to say it had gotten really lumpy and stiff. But due to lack of time to actually go bed shopping I had to sleep in it uncomfortably. Finally I had no other choice but to go for an online mattress brand. I did a lot of Googling and finally decided on Zone8 Mattress because of the reviews and some feedback I saw. And I am glad I did. I have never slept better now that my new memory foam mattress is home. Although I do believe they could have provided more pillow options to go with the mattresses. But extremely satisfied with the bed quality. Worth recommending!

Gokul Seth

12 March 2020

Best Mattress that I have tried!

One of the best mattresses I have used so far! It is very comfortable and just the right amount of firmness. Thank you.

Ravindra U A

25 Jun 2020

Superb product

Excellent mattress of 9 inches with best price...


12 Aug 2020

Zone8 Mattress

Nice mattress

Stalin Addanki

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

I received it today, quality wise superb

Prasad Ip

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

Already I place the order good response to me MR .Anthony thanks wait for my mattress

Elankovan Chitra

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

it's too good. I purchased this

Sunil SA

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

Thanks to zone 8 mattress.i purchased ortho spine mattress it was so good

Ganigaramesh Ramesh

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

Very good mattress and reasonable price too, I purchased lost month now I cant sleep on any other mattress..

Mohammed Arif

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 mattress

I have purchased zone8 Queen size mattress and it's very comfortable I just say it's best and worth of money if anyone thinking to buy mattress I only suggest you just go through zone8. zone8 will serve you good service and good quality of mattress which make u feel happy

Rahul Rathore

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 mattress

Super mattress i really like it

Suresh Rao Jeevan

05 Sep 2020

Zone8 Mattress

A high premium quality mattress with atmost comfort, had a very good experience and the price is very reasonable... Received good customer response!!!

Radeesh I. Ratheesh

05 Sep 2020

I Got best deal

Excellent customer care by MR. SAJEEV, very impressed just waiting for final product to b delivered.

Rajesh Kempanna

13 Nov 2020

Very Comfortable Mattress

Recently bought Zone8 Mattress from I got good discount and the mattress is un remarkable. Purchase it directly from and get good discount(40%+10%) directly insted of purchasing Flipkart or Amazon sites. Mattress was very comfortable, quality also not compromised and Packaging and customer support also very good.

Chinna Siddaiah D

01 Dec 2020


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