How A Fitted Bed Sheet Becomes Useful!

Hate seeing your bedsheet slide off the sides of your bed mattress all the time? The best way to tackle this problem and make your bed look tidy and perfect all day is by choosing a fitted bed sheet for your mattress.

What is a fitted bed sheet? 

A fitted sheet also known as a bottom sheet or contour sheet is an elastic piece of material designed to match the correct size of your mattress. The elastic on each corner keeps the bed sheet in their right position causing the bed to look neat, perfect and without any tangles. The material is also such that it offers a smooth and soft sleeping surface. This is different from a flat bed sheet (Top sheet) which does not have any elastic to fit down over the edges of the sleeping cushion however rather have only a sewed crease around the edges to prevent the material from disentangling during use.

Why a fitted bed sheet is a better option for you! 

One thing that can affect a good night’s sleep is a rumpled bed. With fitted bed sheets, this is not at all a problem as the elastic on the sides is made for the sole purpose of keeping the bedsheet in its place. Bed Sheets are usually the most expensive bed outfits that you could buy for your bed. That’s exactly why it is important to choose the right one that’s comfortable and lasts long. When taken care of in the proper manner, a fitted bed sheet can last for almost 12 years. The only thing to consider while buying a fitted sheet is to make sure that it is of the right size. This process becomes easier if you correctly know your mattress dimensions, that is the length, width and thickness of your mattress.

fitted bed sheet offers better protection for your mattress as it protects the mattress from rips, tears and stains. This, in turn, enables them to act as a mattress protector themselves. Another advantage of this type of sheets is that it facilitates easy application and removal. A fitted sheet can be easily applied and removed as compared to flat sheets due to their versatile material. This saves up a lot of your time and energy especially when all you want to do is sleep after a hectic day at work!

Want to know what the real catch is? Most fitted bed sheets can be laundered right at home. You just got to follow the right cleaning instructions to get that perfect, fresh bed linen that will add to the beauty of your bed. Know what this means? YES! No more extra outings to costly dry-cleaners for cleaning. Saves up a lot of money, isn’t it? Shop your favourite fitted bed linen right away!