How to Pick The Best Couple Mattress?

Selecting a mattress that’s ‘Just Right’ for your partner and you can be a tricky affair – especially if both of you have different sleeping patterns. We also understand that every couple is unique and there cannot be ‘One perfect mattress’ that works for all. But, don’t worry! Here’s our checklist for you – the list of things you should bear in mind while selecting a mattress that’s ideal for couples as unique as you.


Needless to say, when two people share a bed, size definitely matters! The roomier the mattress the more comfortable it is bound to be. We recommend Queen size mattresses as an ideal option for couples who need enough space to toss and turn. Of course, you can also go for a King size mattress if your bedroom is spacious enough. Either way, be sure to refer to the mattress size charts provided online before purchasing to ensure that the preferred mattress size is neither too small for you nor too big for your bedroom.

 Motion Isolation 

While it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples, checking motion isolation capacities of various mattress options is the key. Two people who have different body mass or sleeping patterns might find it very difficult to find some undisturbed, quality sleep together if their mattresses don’t absorb their position changes through the night. Pocketed spring mattresses are the most highly recommended option for this. The individual spring pockets are designed and placed to absorb all body movements made by one partner and not transfer them to the other. Another option is to find mattresses that offer adjustable firmness. You can find many brands online that offer different mattress firmness on both sides. And finally, if you are not too fond of bounciness, memory foam mattresses are also a very good option.


It is the firmness of the mattress that often determines its comfort quotient. And that makes it important for couples to decide what level of firmness works best for both while keeping in mind their body types and preferred sleeping positions. Today we have mattresses that offer a hard, medium, soft and ultra-soft feel. Most people prefer a soft feel mattress but settle for a medium feel owing to price differences. If that’s the case, we would highly recommend getting yourself a premium, soft-to-touch mattress topper that can give you your preferred comfort without having to burn a hole in the pocket. And for those who can afford it, remember that purchasing a good quality soft and comfortable mattress is an investment just as important as any in your life.


While a heavily priced mattress does not always guarantee premium quality, it is important to remember that going for the cheapest option in the market is also not advisable. Hence couples need to understand the product details like the dimensions, materials, make and design before making the purchase. There are a number of mattress brands in the market that offer the best quality product in each material category at very low prices. Spending time on online research is all it takes to clinch the best price without compromising on quality.

 Warranty, Return and Refund 

With more and more mattress brands entering the online market space, people today have access to quality mattresses from across the country – whether they are delivered roll-packed or boxed. As brands compete to make mattress purchase and delivery as hassle-free as possible, one must remember to check for the best warranty and return policies that are being offered. Buying a mattress is an investment and being able to do it online is a game-changer. To be rest assured of your mattress choice, it is highly recommended to go for brands that offer that longest warranty period and the most effortless refund and return options.