The effect of your mattress’s quality on your health and sleep

It has been scientifically proved that we spend one third of our lifetime sleeping. And we sleep on our mattresses, but we never give it a thought how the quality of the mattress we use can affect our sleep and our health. A good quality sleep is equally important for our good health as is good food and other physical activities.

A sound and quality sleep demands for a good quality mattress to sleep on. A mattress can affect the quality of sleep-in various ways. They are:

  • Quality of mattress determines elevation of anxiety and stress: The mattresses must have the right hardness of surface that suits the individual requirement of a person to get a good and sound sleep. A good sleep soothes the agitated nervous system of a person. It makes the person wake up next morning fresh and calm. It makes the person to have a positive outlook and work with a new zeal. A calm and cool mind helps the person to take the right decision at the right time. And the quality of the mattress plays a very important role in all these processes.
  • The right mattress provides relief from body aches: Old mattresses lose their firmness with time and use. The uneven surface that sags at different places makes the body of a person’s body to adopt to that situation, while sleeping on that mattress. This makes the person develop pain, mostly in lower back, hip joints, and neck areas of the body. A good quality mattress offers an even surface with right hardness for the person to get a good sleep, without having any body posture distortion that can result into constant body ache to that person and may be to a permanent disfigurement.
  • Poor quality mattresses can lead to develop allergic condition to a person: Poor quality mattress can contain poor quality foam that may have allergens. These allergens can have different allergic reactions on different persons. It is very important to use a mattress of premium quality that has premium quality feelings that is free of allergens or has anti allergic protection for the user.
  • It is important to maintain the right temperature for the user: The person who sleeps on the mattress must be comfortable with the right temperature while sleeping. It should neither be too hot or too cold. Maintaining the right temperature makes the person have a sound sleep throughout the night. This is possible only in mattresses which are having breathable material fillings inside the mattresses. So, mattresses without breathable material must be discarded.
  • The mattress you use must be comfortable to you: Different persons need mattresses of different firmness of surfaces, as their sleeping habits are different. Some sleep-in sideways position who require soft surface mattresses. Some sleep on their back requiring hard surface mattresses. For people suffering from back pain find relief sleeping on mattresses with hard surfaces, as this hard surface provides them right support. Every individual has a different body that requires a particular quality of mattress to sleep on.

Quality of a mattress on which a person sleeps after a hard day’s work should never be ignored. It is a very serious matter that can either improve or ruin a person’s physical and mental health. So, it is very important for every person to choose the right mattress to sleep on.