What are the Benefits of Sleeping on a Spring Mattress?

You spend almost one-third of your life in your bed, sleeping. Therefore it is very important that you do a thorough research when making the purchase of a mattress. A mattress is expected to be your best sleeping companion, hence consider comfort as the first criteria to make a decision on a mattress. Of all the mattresses, spring mattresses also called the traditional mattresses are famous for their soft, pressure-relieving and supporting core for ages.

What exactly is a spring mattress? 

spring mattress offers you both comfort and support because of its construction and quality. The core of a spring mattress consists of springs. The springs comfort you with its strength and add a bouncy feel when you sit on the bed. If you are somebody searching for a bouncy and soft mattress, you have to get a spring sleeping pad.

The two most popular types of spring mattresses are Pocketed springs and Bonnell spring mattresses

Bonnell Spring Mattress 

In Bonnell spring mattresses, the hourglass innerspring loops help uphold the whole framework and your body, providing the best support. As the Bonnell springs are interconnected with a metal wire, they can’t move freely and in general, are more movement sensitive.

Pocket Spring Mattress 

The core of pocket spring mattresses is made of cylindrical shaped coils that function individually. Every single coil is inserted in individual Fabric pockets which make them movement resistant.

What are the benefits of spring mattresses? 

 Provides better air circulation 

Nobody wants to wake up sweaty in the middle of the night during their sleep. The space in between the coils provides enough air circulation providing you with a cool surface to sleep on.

Provides the right Bounce 

Not everyone wants a firm mattress to sleep on, some like it bouncy and cosy. The core made of springs makes your mattress resilient. The mattress is also ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

Provides support on edges 

People not only sleep on the bed but also spend time sitting on them. In spring mattresses the coils can extend to even the edges. Therefore you can even sit on the edge of the mattress comfortably.

Available at reasonable price 

Price is a criterion people are concerned while making a mattress purchase. Compared to other mattresses the price of spring mattress in the market is affordable.

When buying a mattress always think about your personal preferences starting from comfort to durability. With spring mattresses you can enjoy both! Make the right decision to unlock the best sleep.