What Makes a Latex Mattress Your Long-Lasting Companion?

Changing mattresses continuously can drain our pockets. When we choose a mattress we wish for it to last longer. Buying a mattress requires a good amount of money. So we have to make sure it’s worth it. Latex mattresses are extremely durable when they are well maintained.


A latex mattress is made using either sap from rubber trees or synthetic Latex (normally Styrene Butadiene Rubber or SBR). This material has got a springiness and inbuilt resilience in it. It provides us with great comfort so that we can sleep peacefully all night. Even if the mattress gets old it’s cosiness and springiness won’t fade away. Latex mattresses are becoming everyone’s favourite for all the right reasons. Apart from its friendly, durable, and low maintenance character, they also have many other advantages.

Their soft cushion is a huge relief to sleep-related body pain. Latex mattresses (natural latex or Synthetic Latex) are inherently hypoallergenic. Also, it is breathable and contains less to no chemicals. A latex mattress has the highest durability, it will endure up to 20 years.


KEEP IT AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Latex mattresses oxidize when sun rays directly fall on them. It reduces their life span. So if you have large wide windows in your bedroom you better cover it with thick curtains and prevent sun rays from falling directly on the mattress.

BE CAREFUL WITH LIQUIDS: Spilling water, juice or other liquids sure cause mold and mildew on the mattress. Always remember not to bring liquids near the mattress. But if a spill does happen then immediately clean it. Soak all the liquid with a towel or tissue and then dry it with a fan. Make sure you absorb all the moisture otherwise it can damage your mattress.

GIVE IT ROOM TO BREATH: Latex mattress needs air circulation. Instead of keeping them in a conventional box spring, use an open slatted bed base. This will increase airflow which helps them to last longer.

Everything lasts longer when they are properly taken care of. A latex mattress is the most durable when it is properly maintained. Give some time and effort to look after your mattress and feel the comfort that your mattress provides you with! Nobody wants to waste their money to have a mattress that lives a shorter life. So it is time to have this long-living companion.