Which Mattress is Recommended for People with Back Pain? Why?

Proper sleep influences everything from your physical health to your mental health. Once we start losing our sleep everything around us turns upside down. So it is very important to have undisturbed/sound sleep for a minimum of 6 hours. The choice of the mattress plays a vital role in this. There are countless mattresses in the market, each one with a different set of features to cater to your individual sleep needs. Each mattress offers different levels of firmness, so it’s very important to find the one that is most comfortable for us. Otherwise, we end up with problems like back pain, sleeplessness, headache etc.

What type of mattress is best?

Back pain is one of the main reasons that people begin to lose mobility in middle age. Pain can keep people away from engaging in physical activity, making them sit idly and hence gain weight. Considering that most people spend roughly 6-9 hours of their day lying in bed, choosing the right mattress is essential for managing back pain.

Memory foam Mattress is heralded as one of the best options for people with back pain. The mattress includes several layers of material to provide comfort and support and has zones that provide extra pressure relief for your shoulders and lower back. The Ortho Memory Foam Zonal mattress from Zone 8 mattresses are designed specifically for treating joint and back pains. The Zone 8 Dual Feel Mattress is plush soft on one side (for side sleepers) and firm on the other side to help suit our comfort needs. The memory foam sinks in wherever you put pressure and moulds to that shape, bouncing back when you take it away. Because of this, these mattresses provide even support all along your spine. A memory foam mattress can be made of a few different materials which come with their own pros and cons:

Traditional memory foam is petroleum-based polyurethane. It’s temperature sensitive so it softens with your body. Plant-based memory foam is made from coconut, soy, and other plant materials so it has the perk of being vegan, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Gel-infused memory foam mattresses have a top layer of gel. This adds both comfort and breathability. While full memory foam can be quite hot from the body heat, the gel allows air to circulate more, making for a cooler sleep surface.

There is no single mattress that fits everyone with back pain. As our sleeping position varies the type of mattress also changes. Side sleepers will likely prefer softer mattresses while those who sleep on their front or back will be more comfortable on a firmer mattress. If one sleeps in every position, then they need to test different beds out to see what’s most comfortable. If ordering online and not sure about the type, then opt for medium-firm which studies and experts agree is most commonly preferred.