Why latex Mattress is special

Latex Mattress is always special as it has multiple benefits when it comes to a comfortable sleep. The special Pure Latex Foam is certain to provide the support you would like alongside flexibility.

There are 3 different types of Latex Foam synthetic, blended, and natural.

Synthetic latex mattresses are made from a rubber-mimicking plastic called styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR).

Blended latex is made with a combination of Synthetic and Natural rubber Natural latex is the purest latex and mainly sourced from the milk-like sap of a rubber tree.

Now let’s talk about few specific benefits of the Latex Mattress:

Perfect Body Support and Pain Relieving

Perfect firmness of latex mattress provides the best body support especially for heavy body parts such as the hips and shoulders. Thenatural elasticity of a latex mattress helps to maintain natural spinal alignment by gently supporting lighter areas, such as the neck and back.

Breathable Pinholes

A natural latex mattress comes with pinhole technology which helps to maintain the constant airflow. This again help to maintain the body temperature while sleeping in the summer or long time on the bed.


Latex mattresses are known for the durability with long-term comforts. It is highly resilient and can push days and days without experiencing the loss of height while retaining its original form for years.

Zone8 provides 3 different types of Latex Mattress – Latex PU Foam Mattress, Ortho-Memory Foam Latex Mattress and Pure Latex Foam Mattress. PU Foam and Ortho-Memory are 2 different combinations available with Latex Mattress for different customer needs and choices. But Pure Latex Mattresses are made with a single block of Latex foam. All the Zone8 Latex Mattresses are made with High Density Belgium imported Pincore Latex block.

Available Size: Single, Diwan, King, Queen, Custom-size What are you waiting for? Get your Zone8 premium Latex Mattress at your doorstep by ordering online.