Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with an aching body. Sometimes when we wake up even after hours of sleep we don’t feel refreshed or recharged. Have you ever thought why? Has it occurred to you that maybe your mattress could be the reason?

Having a mattress that is too firm will be like sleeping on a rock. A mattress that is too soft will give you a sinking feeling. Worst is the case for heavy people for whom finding the right mattress is always a difficult task. We all deserve a good sleep and it comes with only the best mattress. Usually, a Latex mattress is the one most recommended for heavy people.

A latex mattress can consist of one or many layers of latex foam. There are three types of latex which are Synthetic, Blended and Natural, all of which serves different purposes. Latex is considered to be one of the best materials for mattress construction because of their inherent softness, breathability and resilience.


Relieves pain: Some of the many problems heavy people might suffer from due to the wrong mattress are body pain, neck pain, and joint aches. While sleeping our body, especially the joints, needs supportive care. Due to the speciality of the material they are made from, a latex mattress cradles your joints thereby giving relief to the pain.

Breathable: Heavy or obese people naturally suffer from perspiration. This makes the mattress wet. But latex mattresses have an open cell structure that enables continuous air circulation which helps reduce sweating. Also, its pinholes reduce the chances of re-breathing.

Comfort: The comfortability and support a latex mattress provides need to be emphasized. The zonal support transition layer of the mattress makes sure that your body is not bent any other way while sleeping. It also provides firm support to the heaviest parts of the body and light support to softer parts of the body which contributes to body posture improvement.

Durability: Mattresses damage quickly because of poor weight distribution. Constant tossing and turning also contribute to its damage. But a latex mattress lives longer than other mattresses. It will endure up to 20 years. Also, it rebounds to its original shape when the pressure is lifted.

Low maintenance and non-allergic: A Latex mattress requires the lowest maintenance. Since it is made of natural products it doesn’t contain any substance which causes allergens. Also, it repels dangerous microorganisms that enter the mattress

It’s all about choosing what is best for your body. If you want a mattress that gives pain relief and comfort, then you should go for a latex mattress. The extra comfort, durability, and breathability that comes along with it are definitely a plus!

So don’t wait! Choose the right latex.