Why Memory Foam and Latex Mattress are the Best for Side Sleepers?

There is no better position to sleep than side-sleeping. Reports suggest that half of the world’s population are side-sleepers. Side-sleeping is the healthiest position to sleep as it helps in proper spinal alignment, improved breathing and better heart rate. But not all mattresses are friendly to side-sleepers. There are varied types of mattresses available in the market and among them Memory foam and Latex mattresses are the most recommended ones for side-sleeping.


All mattresses available in the market have different benefits and purposes. Some are good for heavy people while some benefit the allergic ones whereas extra soft mattresses benefit the babies and kids. Just like that, Memory foam and Latex mattresses are friendly to side-sleepers.

Latex Foam Mattress help make perfect spinal alignment when lying on the bed, by giving us cushioning support and contouring. Latex Mattresses suitable for all types of side-sleepers are available in the market with different firmness levels. A medium-level firmness mattress is usually the most preferred one by all side-sleepers. It gives support to the body by reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips. Also, some extra cushioning on the side while lying, keeps our spine aligned. People who are under 54 Kg may use a medium-soft or soft firmness level mattress and people who are above 99 Kg may use a medium firmness level mattress. Be aware of your body weight and choose mattresses accordingly.

Experts believe Memory Foam is another best option for side sleepers as the memory foam texture helps alleviate aches and pains by supporting the natural curvature of the spine. A memory foam mattress also helps to equally distribute weight while sleeping in the side position. Apart from gel, latex and standard, there are different types of memory foam. While some of the memory foam mattresses are made using the combination of above three, some use only one type. Latex and gel memory foam mattresses bounce back swiftly to its original shape than standard memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress gives ample support to all body parts, by cradling the joints. This gives pressure relief thus reducing pains.

Side sleepers, it’s your time! If you want a mattress that has extra cushioning support choose a latex mattress, but if you want a mattress that gives pressure relief by cradling body joints, opt for a memory foam mattress. Understand the difference between the two and choose wisely and embrace the sleep you longed for.