All our mattresses come with an 11-Year Warranty which covers manufacturing defects such as depressions deeper than 1 inch, sagging, unravelling stitches or flaws in the foam, causing it to split or crack.

Body impressions and sagging are unlikely to happen for at least 8-10 years. However, if you do notice permanent indentations that measure more than 1 inch, you’re covered by our 11-year warranty.

We don’t cover changes to your mattress that are caused by normal wear and tear or that result from circumstances or uses that go beyond the intended use of a mattress—namely, reclining and sleeping. So, don’t take your Zone8 Mattress out camping!

If you believe you’re experiencing a defect in your mattress covered under its warranty, please reach out to us at +91 9880 730 400 / +91 8045 554 300 or send an email at support@thezone8.com.

The terms and conditions for availing the warranty are clearly explained in the Warranty Booklet that comes with every mattress that you purchase.

For an additional charge, you can request a replacement cover. Just email us at support@thezone8.com, and we’ll let you know how much a new cover will cost for your exact mattress size.