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“Buying mattresses online was not something I had done before. So I was quite skeptical when I ordered my King Size Pocketed Spring Mattress. But after two months now, I am glad I chose Zone8. Our bed still feels as good as new, that speaks volumes about the quality they deliver.”

- Gazal

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- Shine

“When I first got my bed delivered, all rolled up, I had no idea it would expand to become this ultra fluffy mattress. The unpacking itself was a thrilling experience.”

- Steffy


You might have also wondered if there was any such thing called a ‘perfect mattress’ that could give you all 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep plague the Internet. Although the answer can be tricky and may depend on multiple factors, we at Zone8 Mattress believe that we have discovered the key to unlock that perfect slumber. Explore the incredible range of mattresses that Zone8 has to offer and bring home your perfect mattress.

Every Zone8 Mattress uses eco-friendly materials and has been designed to be durable and to provide optimum comfort. It is also the first ‘Rolled Packed Spring Mattress’ available in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Despite all the different kinds of mattresses available today, there are very few brands that can actually provide a comfort level that matches your expectations. And so we make sure that you get to select mattresses and premium sleep products that are just right for you.


All your questions about sleep answered

5 Sleep Tips from an Olympic Expert

The sleep strategies followed by top-notch athletes are good for regular folks as well. One cannot overlook the significance of sleep in their daily lives. Loss of sleep will generate important detriments in performance. Studies show that if you sleep 8 hours in a day and if by chance you are getting 6 hours of sleep, that difference of 2 hours will have impact in your performance. Hence, it is better that you take proper sleep to boost your performance level.

A known Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, say that sleep is an important component for your peak performance. It is witnesses that athletes sleep perceptions have changes drastically in a positive manner. Start building your sleep in training routine and definitely it will support all types of resilience, immune resilience, physical resilience, and mental resilience, so that your performance can be at the highest level.

Now, let us have a look at few sleep tips by Olympic experts:
Must have a Proper Bedtime Routine: You must set an alarm to go to bed and crash for the day. Likewise, you must also set an alarm for waking up on time. This way, you can have relaxing and rejuvenating day.

Must Cool Down: You must bring your core temperature down that will help you to sleep on time. The experts also suggest taking a warm shower before bedtime and cool down instantly, thereby keeping the room cool.

Must have Proper sleep for Enhanced Performance: You must think of having a proper sleep so that you can perform really well tomorrow. This way, you can enhance your everyday’s energy level.

Must Pay Heed to your Sleeping Habits: If you do not feel refreshed even after getting proper sleep, then you need to consult the doctor.

Must Kick Away Technology from your Room: The light of television, tables, Ipads, and phones make it difficult to fall asleep. Keep the gadgets away from yourself.

It is better to follow the above sleep tips suggested by the Olympic experts.

It is rightly said that when you sleep well, your mind is very sharp and it is easy to focus on other tasks. If you have a bad night sleep, then your brain tends to feel foggy. Olympic experts say that proper sleep can make your alert, boost your memory skills, and your mood. Heading to bed and waking up the same time everyday (also on off days) helps you to adjust your body clock.

Control the Noise Level before you Sleep Noise is one factor that can have negative effect on your sleep routine. With too much noise like door banging disrupts the sleep patterns. Make sure that the noise level is controlled and is solved by fascading the intrusive sounds with the background noise, such as fan and sound machine.

Is it better to sleep on a firm mattress or a soft mattress?

Getting great quality, peaceful sleep is fundamental to the general well-being of every individual. Your mattress is responsible to provide you with that sleep your body needs every day. But to find the right mattress is completely in your hands. But often, people do not take the firmness of the mattress into consideration while purchasing a mattress and end up with unsatisfied nights of sleep. The only solution is to study the differences between soft and hard mattresses.

What is a soft mattress? 

A soft mattress surface is something that an individual can't overlook. It is intended for individuals who need a peaceful rest after a long working day. It promises to give an accurate resting position by lifting you from the unsupported zones regardless of your sleeping positions. It is also ideal for light people as a harder mattress cannot compress for them at all.

What is a firm mattress?

The hard mattress surface helps keep your body and spine straight while you are sleeping. For people suffering from back pain, a firm mattress is a right choice. When one sleeps on a firmer surface, the bones absorb most of the pressure, giving lesser stress on muscles, veins and arteries.

Which one to choose; Firm mattress or Soft mattress?

The two principle decisions to consider while buying a mattress are if you are already suffering from back pain and your sleeping position. People with backache and those who rest on their back or stomach can go for a firmer mattress surface. Side sleepers and those without much back pain may lean towards a softer mattress surface.

Despite which is more specific for your spine's requirements, prefer your personal choice always. Sleep on what is comfortable for you. For your constantly changing personal choices, we have a Dual Feel mattress for you. A dual feel mattress is found to be one of the most comforting mattresses in demand. As the name conveys, in a dual side mattress one side is firm, and the other is soft. It has got proper air circulation and can maintain the temperature your body needs for the right sleep. The firmer side will give you the right comfort on warm summer nights while the plush surface will provide you with warmth on cold winters nights.

You can flip the sides of a dual feel mattress any time you want according to your sleeping moods. The two sides of the dual feel mattress may be of opposite firmness but the quality and balance are never compromised.

Finally though…. Firm or Plush (Soft) is very relative…What is soft for one person could well be Firm for another !!

Now that you know the differences between a soft mattress and a hard mattress, it is time for you to choose. If you think you need both, then you definitely need the dual feel mattress!

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