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“Buying mattresses online was not something I had done before. So I was quite skeptical when I ordered my King Size Pocketed Spring Mattress. But after two months now, I am glad I chose Zone8. Our bed still feels as good as new, that speaks volumes about the quality they deliver.”

- Gazal

“Interaction with the customer service team of Zone8 helped me choose the right mattress for me and my family. And I am very much satisfied with the mattress I bought. It is super comfortable, just like we wanted. Really impressed with the Zone8 team for their constant follow-up and timely communication.”

- Shine

“When I first got my bed delivered, all rolled up, I had no idea it would expand to become this ultra fluffy mattress. The unpacking itself was a thrilling experience.”

- Steffy


You might have also wondered if there was any such thing called a ‘perfect mattress’ that could give you all 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep plague the Internet. Although the answer can be tricky and may depend on multiple factors, we at Zone8 Mattress believe that we have discovered the key to unlock that perfect slumber. Explore the incredible range of mattresses that Zone8 has to offer and bring home your perfect mattress.

Every Zone8 Mattress uses eco-friendly materials and has been designed to be durable and to provide optimum comfort. It is also the first ‘Rolled Packed Spring Mattress’ available in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Despite all the different kinds of mattresses available today, there are very few brands that can actually provide a comfort level that matches your expectations. And so we make sure that you get to select mattresses and premium sleep products that are just right for you.


All your questions about sleep answered

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Heart Rate

To sleep peacefully means to live healthy. Getting a good sleep not only improves our mood, body health, mental state and circulation but also improves our heart rate. The heart is one of the main organs in our body and the center of our circulation system. If our heartbeat slows down, it would affect our overall body function.

Many of you may not bother to think about it, but sleep is one of the many reasons that keep our heart healthy. Our body needs to recuperate and sleep is the perfect time for it. One must sleep 8 hours a day. A person who sleeps less than 6 hours is likely to get heart-related problems. Just as our breathing rate changes during sleep, our heart rate and blood pressure are also different when we sleep. Lack of sleep weakens our immune system. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night causes us coronary heart disease and it may lead to even stroke. 


Let us take a peek into the different types of mattresses we have. We offer you a variety of mattresses and its advantage are stated below.    

FOAM MATTRESSES: Whichever position you sleep in, a foam mattress supports it all. A memory foam mattress is capable of absorbing all motions. Foam mattresses help you to relieve back pain as it has a temperature-responsive feature. The equal weight distribution function of the mattress gives proper spinal alignment to the body. Being a pressure-sensitive material, foam mattresses adjust themselves to each person’s body weight and temperature. These are a good option for all those people who get easily disturbed during sleep. Lastly, these mattresses are hypoallergenic as they are made from inorganic fibers that are resistant to dust mites and molds.

SPRING MATTRESSES: Spring mattresses are an excellent choice for sleep for a person who has problems with the heart. A springs mattress is made with springs. These mattresses have a more bouncy character than other mattresses. Spring mattresses help you to get better blood circulation because of the ample space between each coil, thus helping you to get better sleep by keeping you in bed. Spring mattresses are pocket-friendly and have high durability. 

LATEX MATTRESS: Being everyone’s favorite mattress, latex mattresses are anti-allergic, require only low maintenance and have high durability. A completely eco-friendly product, these are biodegradable substances. Plus, the open-cell structure of the latex mattress provides a constant airflow which keeps people in deep sleep all night. All of these advantages make latex mattresses the perfect mattress for healthy sleep. 

Perfect sleep still exists but with the right mattress. Remember it is your heart, your health. We make our body work day and night for a living and it is our duty to give it enough rest. Provide enough rest with the best. Stay in sleep and in health!   

Which is the Best Mattress for Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorder may happen due to many reasons. The reasons vary from person to person and one of the most common reasons is the absence of a good mattress. A good mattress provides better sleep and a healthy sleep in turn defines one’s health and mental stability. Without a quality mattress sleep is not possible, no matter how hard you may try.


The condition that affects the quality and amount of sleep that we get is what we call a sleep disorder. Sleep disorder can increase the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, diabetics and obesity if proper treatment is not carried out.   

RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME:  RLS is the condition in which people move their legs during sleep. RLS happens due to having abnormal dopamine levels and causes pains, aches and unusual sensations. Due to this, they may not be able to sleep properly. Having the best quality mattresses to sleep is one solution to this problem. 

 SLEEP APNEA:  It occurs to a person where their airways get blocked during sleep thereby causing breathing problems. Sleep apnea may also happen when they do not have a good mattress to sleep on. This problem can be solved by having a mattress that is suitable for you and makes you feel comfortable.  


FOAM MATTRESSES:  Memory foam, which is a pressure-sensitive material, adjusts itself to each person’s body weight and temperature. No matter which position you sleep in, a memory foam mattress supports it all. These mattresses helps you to relieve back pain as it has a temperature-responsive feature. Also, it provides equal weight distribution to the body and proper spinal alignment. Additionally, Memory foam is a good option for all those people who get easily disturbed during sleep. A memory foam mattress is capable of absorbing all motions. Lastly, these mattresses are hypoallergenic as they are made from inorganic fibers that are resistant to dust mites and molds. A perfect choice for sleep disorder, isn't it?  

SPRING MATTRESSES:  Spring mattresses are mattresses that are made of springs. Firstly, spring mattresses are pocket friendly and have high durability. Because it has ample space between each coil it helps you to get better blood circulation. It has a more bouncy character than other mattresses. Also, a spring mattress gives you more support on edge, while you are changing or putting shoes on. No better option than a spring mattress for a sleep disorder.

LATEX MATTRESS:  People having sleep disorders should better consider having a latex mattress as it provides excellent support that helps to relieve sleep deprivation. Also, a latex mattress is anti-allergic and it requires only low maintenance and has high durability. This product is a completely eco-friendly product making it a biodegradable substance. The open-cell structure of the latex mattress provides a constant airflow. 

Sleep disorder is a common problem that is faced by almost a big portion of the population. Sleep is also the one thing that cannot be compromised with. This problem can be tackled by having a mattress that is suitable for you and your body. Remember to pick the mattress that will give you relief from sleep disorder and enjoy all the sleep you had missed all these days! 

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