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Pocketed Spring Mattresses - The Ultimate Sleeping Comfort

From the spring coils to the outer fabric covering, watch how each of Zone8’s Pocketed Spring Mattresses are built and tested to perfection.


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“Buying mattresses online was not something I had done before. So I was quite skeptical when I ordered my King Size Pocketed Spring Mattress. But after two months now, I am glad I chose Zone8. Our bed still feels as good as new, that speaks volumes about the quality they deliver.”

- Gazal

“Interaction with the customer service team of Zone8 helped me choose the right mattress for me and my family. And I am very much satisfied with the mattress I bought. It is super comfortable, just like we wanted. Really impressed with the Zone8 team for their constant follow-up and timely communication.”

- Shine

“When I first got my bed delivered, all rolled up, I had no idea it would expand to become this ultra fluffy mattress. The unpacking itself was a thrilling experience.”

- Steffy


You might have also wondered if there was any such thing called a ‘perfect mattress’ that could give you all 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep plague the Internet. Although the answer can be tricky and may depend on multiple factors, we at Zone8 Mattress believe that we have discovered the key to unlock that perfect slumber. Explore the incredible range of mattresses that Zone8 has to offer and bring home your perfect mattress.

Every Zone8 Mattress uses eco-friendly materials and has been designed to be durable and to provide optimum comfort. It is also the first ‘Rolled Packed Spring Mattress’ available in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Despite all the different kinds of mattresses available today, there are very few brands that can actually provide a comfort level that matches your expectations. And so we make sure that you get to select mattresses and premium sleep products that are just right for you.


All your questions about sleep answered

On World Health Day, Zone 8 gives you Tips to a better night's sleep

If you’re always waking up tired, you’re probably not getting enough NREM and REM sleep. NREM sleep is when the body repairs and regenerates tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system. REM sleep is when the mind renews itself. When we get enough uninterrupted NREM and REM sleep, we wake up feeling rested, restored and rejuvenated. Remember Sleeping Beauty? She slept for 100 years. That’s a lot of NREM sleep cycles. No wonder she was beautiful ... lol.

The amount of sleep a person needs depends on the individual. And it can depend on factors such as age. Infants usually require about 16-18 hours of sleep per day, while teenagers need about 9 hours per day on average. Most adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

If followed, these tips can greatly reduce fragmented sleep, and improve your odds of waking up rested, restored and rejuvenated:

- Try to establish a regular sleep pattern. To set and maintain your biological clock, go to sleep at approximately the same time every night. This generally allows you to wake up naturally without an alarm clock.
- Try to avoid waking up to an alarm clock. Clocks can wake you during NREM and REM sleep cycles, so avoiding alarms can improve sleep quality. In fact, you can buy an app at www.sleepcycle.com, that analyses your sleep cycles and wakes you up in a light sleep phase, within a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time. The result is you wake up feel rested instead of disturbed.
- Make sure your room is dark. Close the curtains, and turn off the TV and all the lights.
- Have your last coffee before noon. Caffeine takes 11 hours to be broken down, so finishing your java before lunch can improve sleep quality.
- Avoid consuming alcohol up to 3 hours before bedtime. Your liver needs three hours to break down alcohol, so keep this in mind when drinking.
- Avoid large or heavy meals before bedtime. It’s harder to sleep on a full stomach. On the other hand, treat yourself to a light snack before bedtime. A high carbohydrate snack can boost the body’s production of serotonin and melatonin, which can calm the brain and trigger drowsiness in as little as 20 minutes. You might try a turkey or peanut butter sandwich, a small bowl of whole grain low sugar cereal, granola with low fat milk or yogurt, a banana and hot chamomile tea.
- Take an evening stroll. Walking around the block for 30 minutes after dinner can add 40+ minutes to your nightly slumber. That’s because gentle relaxing workouts a few hours before bedtime spur the release of serotonin, a hormone that helps you sleep through the night.
- Take a warm bath or read a book. The more relaxed you are when you go to bed, the better you’ll sleep.
- Wear loose fitting pajamas to bed. Make sure they’re comfortable and breathable.
- Keep your bedroom cooler. Ideal room temperature for sleep is between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius (65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit).
- Avoid sleeping with pets. In a Mayo Clinic study, 53% of people who let pets sleep on their mattress reported sleep issues. Get your pets their own bed, and they’ll also sleep better.
- Don’t count sheep. according to Sleep researchers, people that visualize a sunny beach or lush garden, fall asleep 20 minutes sooner than those that count sheep.
- Use nightlights instead of regular lighting, for those times you need to get up at night. Melatonin production is what triggers the onset of sleep. Strong light signals the brain to stop producing melatonin and makes it more difficult to fall back asleep. A nightlight that’s strategically placed can prevent you from turning on lights that can stop your Melatonin production.
- Open the curtains on waking. Sunlight will signal the brain to stop producing melatonin, and allow you to wake up!
- Nap. Napping turns off your nervous system, recharges your body, and can pay back sleep debt. But time your siesta. Avoid late afternoon naps as these can shift your biological clock, which can then rob you of getting a full night’s sleep. Catch your ZZZs early in the afternoon when your body core temperature drops slightly ... normally just after lunch. If possible keep naps under 30 minutes, as anything longer can result in your going into a deep sleep, which can potentially rob you of sleep you need at night. If however, you find you need more than 30 minutes, give yourself an hour and a half so that you complete a full sleep cycle.
- Sleep with the right pillow. Believe it or not, you may be nothing more than a pillow away from a better night’s sleep. As 17% of the spine is located in the neck, even the slightest strain on neck vertebrae can cause compression to spinal nerves that connect to your shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. This can cause pain in the neck, tightness and aching in your shoulders, wrist pain, tingling in your fingers, headaches and more.
- Now let’s talk mattresses. Next to breathing and eating/drinking, nothing is more essential to life than sleep. Without sleep the body and mind can’t repair themselves. That is why buying the “right” mattress, is more important than buying a Rs.50,000 TV. Unfortunately, when it comes to mattresses they’re not all the same. It’s what’s inside that determines how well you’re going to sleep, and how you’re going to feel when you wake up. So don’t short yourself when it comes to your mattress.

And if you’re sleeping on a great mattress with the right pillow and you’re not waking up feeling rested, restored, and rejuvenated, see your doctor, as you may have a medical condition or sleep disorder that’s interfering with you getting a great night’s sleep. 

Dual feel mattresses - your best & comfortable sleeping partner

What do you actually crave for after a long tiring day? A good night’s sleep without any disturbance or discomfort, so that you are fresh and fighting fit next morning.

It is the quality of your mattress that ensures you your comfort while you sleep on it. There are so many mattresses available in the market that it becomes a real puzzle for you to decide which mattress is ideal for you. 

Selecting a perfect mattress for you is a tricky and highly technical job. Most of the people judge a mattress by its softness. They think the firmness of the mattress determines the quality of sleep they are going to get while sleeping on it. Some prefer it hard; some prefer it soft. But that is not the real issue that gives you your desired comfort. Being unable to decide which one is right for you, most of the time you purchase the wrong mattress. 

Dual feel mattresses are the latest innovation in the world of mattresses that gives you the comfort and convenience you really desire for from your mattress while you sleep on it. Dual side mattresses are having two different sides. One side being hard and the other being soft. Hard side is cool and ideal for summer season while the cosy, plush softer side makes you sleep on it like a baby during winter nights. 

How Dual Feel flips make the mattresses best for you?

  • You have the privilege of using the side of the mattress that feels right for you. You are not confined to either the permanent softness or the hardness that other mattresses offer to you, without offering you any option to choose from as per your individual need. Dual Feel flip mattresses offer you the quality of sleep you actually desire by letting you choose the mattress surface that is best for your comfort.

  • Dual Feel Flip mattresses are the only mattresses that provide you the cool comfort of hard surface during summer season and the soft surface provides you the warmth you need during harsh winters. No other mattress offers you this unique feature.

  • Some of you are fidgety on bed and cannot sleep in one position throughout the night. The premium quality foam inside Dual Feel mattresses takes care of this problem also. This mattress has opposite types of dense foam on both sides to suit your seasonal needs. And both sides of the mattress are perfectly balanced and matched.

  • The pressure in Dual Flip mattresses are evenly balanced and distributed not only in the middle of the mattress but also on all its sides.

  • The Dual Flip mattresses have the quality of maintaining an exceptional airflow that controls the temperature perfectly.

Apart from having all these innovative qualities, Dual Flip mattresses provides you supreme comfort, without demanding much of your time in maintenance of the mattress. Dual Flip mattress have proved to be more durable and are more popular than other traditional mattresses available in the market, because of its qualities.

It is now high time for you to switch to Dual Flip mattress from your traditional mattress to have the best sleep and comfort you deserve after a hard day’s work in all seasons throughout the year. 

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