Pocketed Spring Mattress

Enjoy a great night’s sleep with the Pocketed Spring Mattress. It’s designed for people who care about their sleep cycle. This mattress is a testament to exceptional comfort, robust support, enduring durability, and unwavering reliability, making it an ideal choice for those who value quality in every aspect of their rest.

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  • Core Construction: A sophisticated core composed of a Pocketed Spring Grid, utilising high-tensile steel wire, is harmoniously layered with high bounce Polyurethane Foam. This combination ensures both resilience and comfort.
  • Quilted Cover: The mattress is adorned with a high-quality, high GSM knitted fabric, offering elegance and durability.
  • Base Fabric: The base features an anti-skid woven polyester fabric, enhancing stability and usability.
  • Single-Side Use:  This simplifies using only one side of the mattress for sleeping instead of flipping it over periodically.

Product Benefits:

  • Luxurious Comfort: The outermost layer, a soft foam quilt, offers a lavish yet supportive embrace, ensuring a restful sleep.
  • Disturbance-Free Sleep: Exclusively designed to isolate motion, the mattress is ideal for those who share their bed. It minimises the impact of a partner’s movements, allowing undisturbed rest.
  • Remarkable Durability: Renowned for its longevity, this mattress resists the common pitfalls of wear, sagging, and indentations, epitomising quality.
  • Temperature Regulation: Unlike ordinary mattresses, this design offers a cooler sleeping surface. Its structure allows air passage, preventing excessive heat retention, thus ensuring comfort even on warm nights or during power outages.