Ortho Latex Mattress

This variant of the Orthopaedic mattress features a unique fusion of Memory Foam and Pin Core Latex Foam, offering an exclusive sleeping experience. Memory Foam relieves pressure, while Pin Core Latex Foam ensures a tranquil rest.

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  • Core Composition: A sophisticated blend of high-density Memory Foam, High Bounce Foam, and a high-density Latex sheet.
  • Support Block: Utilises premium High-Density Pin-core Latex Foam sourced from Belgium.
  • Outer Cover: Elegantly crafted with a high GSM knitted fabric. The cover is thoughtfully designed to be removable and features a convenient zippered closure.
  • Mattress Usability: Exclusively engineered for single-side usage. This design ensures consistent performance and longevity of the mattress’s comfort and support features.

Product Benefits:

  • Supreme Comfort: This mattress redefines sleep luxury by merging Memory Foam’s adaptive comfort with Pin-core Latex Foam’s steadfast support.
  • Exceptional Longevity: Its durable materials work harmoniously to reduce deterioration, thus extending the mattress’s life.
  • Superior Spinal Support: Meticulously engineered to strike a perfect balance between softness and support, this mattress aids in maintaining the spine’s natural alignment.