Bonnell Spring Mattress

At the core lies in Bonnell Spring, crafted with Swiss precision, bestowing the mattress with an ideal bounce and enduring quality combination. The mattress is enveloped in a sumptuous, quilted fabric, epitomising luxury that stands the test of time.

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  • Core Structure: Constructed with high tensile steel Bonnell spring coils and a high bounce polyurethane foam layer.
  • Quilted Cover: The mattress is adorned with a high-quality, high GSM knitted fabric, offering elegance and durability.
  • Base Fabric: The base features an anti-skid woven polyester fabric, enhancing stability and usability.
  • Single-Side Use:  This simplifies using only one side of the mattress for sleeping instead of flipping it over periodically.

Product Benefits:

  • Optimal Body Support: The hourglass-shaped springs are expertly engineered to provide unparalleled back and spinal cord support, ensuring restorative and healthy sleep.
  • Back Pain Alleviation: The mattress’s unique composition offers a perfect balance of support and comfort, maintaining ideal sleeping positions and averting back discomfort.
  • Enhanced Circulation: Scientifically arranged layers promote air circulation and ergonomic alignment, fostering improved blood flow and a healthier sleep experience.