Fiber Pillow

This premium fibre pillow features 100% Hollow Conjugate Siliconised Low Denier Virgin fibres encased in a 100% high-count cotton cover. It assures both durability and resilience, offering exceptional value for its price. Additionally, the pillow is designed to be allergy-resistant, moth-resistant, and completely odourless. For optimal maintenance, re-fluff it once after a tumble wash and drying.

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Original price was: ₹1,060.Current price is: ₹636.


Product Benefits:

  • Neck Support: These top-quality pillows are expertly designed to offer optimal neck support without exerting undue pressure on the neck muscles.
  • Resilience: Rated highly for their superior performance, these pillows are confirmed to be non-allergic, moth-resistant, and odourless, ensuring lasting comfort and hygiene.