Benefits of Bonnell Spring Mattress

Sleep, as we all know, is the shortcut to a quality life. A good sleep is what keeps us physically and mentally healthy. The road to a good sleep is often bumpy because of the fact that we often choose the wrong kind of mattress for ourselves. To enhance the quality of your sleep, you need to have the right mattress.

In this blog, we will talk about Bonnell Spring Mattresses and everything that is there to know about them. The rest is left for you to decide!

What is a Bonnell Spring Mattress? 

Before knowing what a bonnell spring mattress is, you need to first learn about a spring mattress. A spring mattress is a traditional mattress which contains springs on the inside. These springs, otherwise called mattress coils, uphold weight and shield the bedding from any tear or damage. The springs are accessible in four distinct sorts, one among which is the bonnell spring mattress.

Bonnell spring mattresses, also known as an open coil spring mattresses are the most traditional and oldest type of innerspring mattress systems. Initially adapted from horse carriage seats of the 19th century, the bonnell coils are hour-glass shaped with rounded tops. As the bonnell springs are interconnected using a metal wire, they cannot move independently and therefore tend to be more motion-sensitive.

Why should you choose a bonnell spring mattress? 

Being the most traditional type of spring mattress technologies available in the market, these mattresses have advantages of their own, some of which are mentioned for you below!

  • Bonnell spring mattresses are made with spring materials providing a solid spring structure. They are designed specially for people who prefer firm and solid mattresses. Therefore they provide relaxation and support as well as ample area for easy movement.
  • Cost is an important criteria one needs to consider before buying a mattress. A bonnell spring mattress is less expensive than other spring mattresses such as pocket spring mattresses. Hence, if you are a budget friendly shopper, this mattress type could be the one for you.
  • Bonnell kind of mattresses last long. This is especially because of the way they are constructed. It is built to offer the same comfort as day 1 to as long as you use it. They last way longer than foam or pocket coil mattresses.
  • The best thing about these mattresses is that they offer better circulation which is an important factor when it comes to better sleep. Because they have a great amount of space between them, there is easy ventilation which in turn ensures air circulation and provides maximum comfort.
  • These mattresses give nice support to the body, providing steady back-support and preventing back pain. This essentially becomes good for heavier people. Moreover, it does not sag.

Now that you have read everything about bonnell spring mattresses and the advantages of using them, you should be able to decide what your priorities are when it comes to choosing a mattress and what’s best for your sleep!