What is the difference between an Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress and a Dual Comfort Mattress?

Sleeping is a very subjective experience hence it varies from person to person depending on their preference of sleeping surface. It’s impossible to undermine the benefits of regular, quality sleep. Along with food, water, and exercise, it’s one of the primary factors determining our overall health and well-being. Many times the mattress is solely responsible for disturbed sleep. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the choice of mattress is proper. People are often confused about whether to buy a soft mattress or a hard mattress. Again, there might be medical conditions that need people to choose a suitable mattress. In many cases, mattresses are customized as per instructions from the doctor.

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress and a Dual Comfort Mattress

There are different varieties of mattresses. Some of them are innerspring, memory foam, latex mattresses etc.

Orthopaedic memory foam mattresses are generally designed to be denser and firmer than other normal foam mattresses, making them more supportive to the spine and joints. They mold to the shape of the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. The firm surface of an Orthopaedic mattress provides optimum push-back for the perfect sleeping position, reducing tossing and turning while sleeping. They help in proper blood circulation throughout the night as they distribute the body weight evenly which prevents the build-up of pressure points and also ensure correct spinal alignment which reduces back pain. The Orthopaedic mattress is generally made up of four layers of breathable fabric, next-generation memory foam, differential pressure zone layer and a high resilience foam. The smart spaces created in the Differential Pressure Zone layer enable air circulation through the mattress, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

The Dual Comfort Mattress is a dual-firmness (medium-firm on one side and medium soft on the other) mattress. Both surfaces of this mattress can be used. One side is medium firm, and the other is medium-soft giving you the option to choose the best sleeping surface according to individual requirements as well as changing weather conditions. Dual comfort mattresses, also known as flippable mattresses consist of different layers of materials with varying density. This difference between these two levels of density provides a more comfortable experience. In hot weather, the softer side is more preferred while the harder side is better suited in winters. The two layers of the mattress are designed to provide enhanced comfort on both sides. The Soft Foam provides a cloud like feeling for those who prefer a medium soft sleeping surface. The Base Foam provides support to overall mattress construction.

The properties, construction, and general design of both mattresses vary vastly from one another. Both of them come with their own pros and cons. If you want a mattress that you can change or clean easily and see yourself keeping it for up to 10 years or more, go for a dual-comfort mattress. If you want a mattress that gives you a much higher and focused level of comfort or support or both, an Orthopaedic mattress is the wiser choice. Everything depends on individual choice and comfort.