Key Guidelines for Managing Sleep Deprivation during Student Life

Jun Wed 02 2021

Burning midnight oil during exams, late-night parties, surfing the net, or chatting in bed are some highlights of student life. You want to complete so many things in such a short time that your sleep often takes a back seat. Sleep deprivation is therefore a common aspect of academic years.

Never underestimate sleep 

Sleep is as significant as food and exercise. During sleep, our body undergoes cell rejuvenation and repair. Seven hours of sound sleep is essential for our brain to get recharged and function properly. Irritability, lack of concentration, and restlessness are some of the obvious signs of sleep deprivation. 

School and college education are crammed with a variety of activities apart from studies. Every student has to take part in extra-curricular projects such as sports, cultural programs, camps, study tours, and so forth. Senior students also need to be more social as they enter the entirely unfamiliar environment of college. Insufficient sleep can make you more susceptible to the common cold, flu, and other viral infections. Continuous lack of enough and timely sleep will make you more likely to suffer from a variety of physical and mental disorders. You can fight a majority of common ailments only by sleeping for an extra hour daily. Also, sleep can improve your grades as you concentrate more and pay more attention to your studies. 

Sleep and health  

Sufficient sleep not only improves cognitive functions but also enhances the analytical ability of the brain. These key benefits of sleep not only help you learn and understand better but also improve your performance during examinations. In absence of quality sleep, you cannot pay attention to your studies. Poor sleep has a close association with some of the most serious mental conditions, including depression and hyperactivity disorders. 

Sleep is not only important for the development of the brain but it also plays a vital role in key physical functions of the body, including metabolism, regulation of hormones, and development of immunity, just to name a few. Adolescence is a vital period of human life in terms of the physical and mental development of the individual. Sleep deprivation during these formative years can lead to serious long-term complications, such as the onset of diabetes and cardiac disorders. 

Practice good sleeping habits 

Never use your bed for any other purpose than sleeping. Do not keep any internet-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone with you while going to bed. Ideally, one should keep the phone offline during night time. Getting at least seven hours of sleep daily is essential. Plan your assignments and studies to hit the bed at a particular time. Follow a strict sleeping schedule to make your system get habituated to regular sleeping hours. Nutritious food and regular exercise will improve the quality of sleep. Eat well-balanced food and spare at least an hour for doing exercises. This will certainly help you sleep better

The bottom-line 

The growing demands of life and constant pressure to excel in academics can take a heavy toll on sleep during student life. However, one should earn a good night’s sleep by following good sleeping habits. 


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