Towards a Better Sleep- Key Insights to Improve Sleep

Apr Tue 27 2021

The current pandemic is being attributed to an array of health concerns and sleep disorder or insomnia is just one of these. Missing a good night’s sleep once a week used to be presumed as one of those professional hazards or stress because of domestic or professional matters. However, the pandemic has given rise to multiple mental health issues such as coronafobia and sleep disorders.

Key consequences of insufficient sleep

Inability to clock at least seven hours of sound sleep can lead to several health hazards. Lack of sound sleep need not be a concern if you have difficulty sleeping once in a blue moon. However, the matter can be more serious if this becomes a routine and the common word for the condition is sleep deprivation. 

 Immunity has almost become a holy grail in pandemic times and sleep deprivation can rob you of your immunity, making you vulnerable to a viral infection such as COVID. 

 Inadequate sleep for weeks can severely impact your appetite by reducing the levels of particular hormones. Insomnia slows down the body’s natural ability to burn fats. Moreover, poor sleep will disturb your ability to focus on your studies. 

 Sleep disorders are some of the commonest causes of obesity as the person who is not getting enough sleep devours more food than required. Skewed sleep patterns have also a significant impact on insulin resistance. If you are a diabetic, then make sure that you getting a sound sleep.

Schedule your activities 

 Individuals who are suffering from sleep deprivation need to adopt a stringent routine by scheduling daily activities. Fix a respectable bedtime if you have developed a nasty habit of going to bed after midnight. 

Eating your dinner two hours before you hit the bed will reduce the chances of acid reflux that can wake you up in the middle of the night. Instead of watching scary movies or disturbing videos, it is better to close your eyes and listen to some calming music that will help you drift away naturally into a deep slumber. 

 Develop a habit of daily exercise. Allocate at least forty minutes to engage yourself in practicing Yoga, aerobics, or jogging. The pandemic and the extended periods of lockdown have encouraged many individuals to enjoy an afternoon siesta. This will significantly disturb your sleep during the night. Avoid an afternoon nap and you will notice a difference.  

Never 'buy' sleep 

Sleep is your privilege and under no circumstances you should try those over-the-counter sleep medicines. It is dangerous to gulp down a sleeping pill without consulting a physician. If you want to leverage all those benefits of a good night’s sleep, then instead of pills, focus on a night of natural sleep. 

Sleeping pills are essentially anti-anxiety medicines. Most of these drugs have serious side effects, including habit-forming properties. You must resist the temptation to reach for the pill, even if it is easily available. 

Final thoughts

Remember that your body needs sleep as much as it needs food. Respecting the natural clock of the human body can help you earn the sleep you deserve. Following these tips will improve the quality and period of sound sleep.  


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